Amazon’s price for Nintendo’s Switch Pro Controller has been lowered, raising speculation about whether this is a permanent change.

The Amazon listing for The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has dropped in price, leading some to believe this is the first glimpse of the rumored permanent discount. The Switch Pro Controller bills itself as the best controller gamers can buy for their Switch, and it includes shake functionality, built-in motion controls, and support for Nintendo’s line of Amiibo figures and cards. Nintendo hardware generally only goes on sale during the holiday season, when most other console makers also discount their products to try and sell as many as possible. Also like most other console manufacturers, Nintendo rarely discounts controllers or accessories by more than 25%, most likely they maintain a picture of hardware quality.

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However, the company is not above making some new discounts, especially several years into the life cycle of the Switch. Late last year, Nintendo announced that it was permanently lowering the price of individual Switch Joy-Con controllers to $ 39.99 each, $ 10 less than the original price. This decline came after a widespread outcry over drift problems with Joy-Cons‘control levers. Many criticized Nintendo for simply lowering the price of the new Joy-Cons, effectively encouraging people to buy replacements rather than trying to get Nintendo or a third party to fix them.

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Following in the footsteps of the Joy-Con discount, it now appears that Nintendo is offering a permanent discount similar to its Switch Pro Controller. According to Nintendo Link, Amazon’s official listing for the Switch Pro Controller shows its current price at $ 59.99. Like the Joy-Con discount, this price is $ 10 less than the original Pro Controller price of $ 69.99. The Amazon price doesn’t show a discount marker or the original price, which is fueling speculation that this is the new permanent price for the Switch Pro Controller. If the permanent price has dropped, other retailers haven’t noticed yet: Stores like Target and Gamestop still have the controller at $ 69.99. Even Nintendo’s official retail site lists the price of the Switch Pro Controller at $ 69.99.

This isn’t the first time Amazon’s pricing and product pages have been the first sign of a product launch or discount – last year, a page and pre-order list for the game. Need For Speed: hot chase appeared even before the game was announced. Nintendo may have signaled its intention to lower the price of the Switch Pro Controller to retailers and Amazon may have mistakenly put the discount on early. It is equally likely that other retailers have not yet had a chance to update product listings on their websites and shelves. Either way, if this discount is truly permanent, it will likely start showing up in other stores and retailers soon.

A permanent Switch Pro discount may also be the first sign of the much-rumored Switch Pro console. If Nintendo wants to encourage gamers to upgrade, relegating its existing hardware to website sales sections would be a good way to prepare gamers. consumers to buy new hardware. Rumors about an upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro console are mixed: While the company recently assured investors that the new consoles are a long way off, some developers say they already have access to a Switch Pro dev kit. Regardless, fans will have to be. attentive to any other hint and clue towards an update of the loved one. Nintendo switch – and maybe buy a discounted Pro Controller while they’re at it.

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Source: Nintendo Link

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