The latest issue of the Power Pack shows the damaging effect the Outlawed event is having on the youngest hero in the Marvel Universe.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Power Pack # 4 by VC’s Ryan North, Nico Leon, Rachelle Rosenberg and Travis Lanham, on sale now.

The Power Pack kids have been off Earth for a long time and experienced more action than many adult heroes. However, there is no leeway in the recently enacted Kamala Law to give the team some slack.

However, the one who seems to have broken the fastest is the youngest, Katie. This is a true tragedy considering that of all the Power children, she has remained the most optimistic and has traditionally taken pride in being a superhero. All of that changed in the last issue when he expressed the desire to kill the Wizard, an attitude never before seen in a normally innocent and pure-hearted child.

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Kate Power Pack

When the Power Pack children returned to Earth, they set out to do what they have always done. They helped people, saved lives, and arrested criminals. What they did not expect was that this would turn them into criminals. Knowing that they only had one way to continue to operate as heroes and stay out of the CRADLE “re-education” center, Power Pack set out to find a mentor. Everyone told them no, including Iron Man, who actually felt bad about it. Finally, they found a hero they had never heard of named Agent Aether. He agreed to mentor the team and set out to save the world by creating renewable energy.

It wasn’t what they expected, but they still believed they were doing good things. That turned out to be false. Agent Aether was not a superhero and he turned out to be The Wizard, a classic Fantastic Four villain, and his goal was to take away the children’s powers and use them to become rich and powerful with his new inventions. This was the ultimate betrayal because these kids not only trusted their new mentor, they liked him too. When a trust like this is broken, it plants the seeds of more mistrust in the minds of impressionable young children. This was even more pronounced in the youngest Power Pack member, Katie.

Each theme in the new Power pack The series has started with Katie’s drawings and her reflections and enthusiasm to be back on Earth as superheroes again. He even had childish reactions to things like Kamala’s Law and CRADLE, as well as the new task of creating renewable energy for Agent Aether. When he found out that it was all a lie, his reaction was harsh, to say the least. In a battle with El Mago, he unleashed his power, which nearly injured an innocent bystander. After El Mago taunted her again, she launched another blast of energy at him, once again putting the viewer at risk. When her siblings said that Katie could have hurt the viewer, she didn’t seem to care and said, “Sure, but it could have killed him.”

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Katie Power Pack

His brothers were left in shock, realizing that they almost saw their little sister turn into a murderer. When The Magician escaped, the children were exhausted, their powers depleted. Katie lost it. He pointed out that the adults said they had to have a mentor, and the mentor stole their powers and tried to kill them. Katie rightly said that adults were the root cause of her problems. Julie tried to explain that not all adults are the same, but when they mentioned how Katie nearly killed the viewer, she exploded and asked what was wrong with the rest. Alex mentioned that she had found a way to control her emotions and Katie again lost control and said that she is not the one who needs help before realizing that she was completely out of control.

Kamala’s Law was established to protect lesser heroes from loss of control. While the targets seemed to be heroes who didn’t need to be mentors, like former Avengers Ms. Marvel, Nova, and Spider-Man, it also included younger and less experienced kids. While the Power Pack is very experienced and has been around the galaxy fighting evil, it is important to note that Katie is still a very young girl and, as this issue shows, someone who could use a mentor to help her. Kamala’s Law has violated the youngest member of the Power Pack, but it also demonstrated why it could be an important and necessary law, albeit with some modifications.

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