A fashion designer is addressing leaked audio of him being reprimanded by The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah at the show’s reunion.

For viewers who thought Jen Shah was only acting for the show, new reports have proven otherwise. In audio recently leaked from backstage at The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion, Jen is allegedly heard scolding fashion designer Koa Johnson and her Shah Squad. The audio comes after Jen faced criticism from fans of the show for her lack of responsibility for her poor treatment of the cast and crew. However, it appears that Jen’s antics continue when the cameras are not recording.

Jen succeeded in impersonating the villain in the season premiere of RHOSLC. While the other housewives focused more on the drama in their own homes than each other, Jen found ways to engage in verbal discussions with each member of the cast. Mary Cosby was her first target after Mary said she smelled like a hospital. So Meredith Marks became the enemy for being friendly with Mary. After that, Jen somehow yelled at Lisa Barlow, Heather Gay, and Whitney Rose for minuscule and often pointless reasons. At the reunion, Jen became upset as she defended herself against claims of being aggressive. She said she found him offensive as a woman of color.

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Many viewers weren’t buying Jen’s excuses and even resorted to calling her husband, Coach Shah, for seemingly coddling his wife and treating her like a child. But, this time there’s not much to excuse when leaked audio kicks in and a fashion designer speaks up. Somehow and somehow the Instagram page RealityVonTease2 shared leaked audio where Jen can be heard scolding her staff members and Koa Johnson, the designer of her reunion pageant dress who almost didn’t show up on time. At two During 10 minutes of vicious ravings, Jen is heard yelling at her staff, one of whom apparently lives with her. “Shut the fuck up“He yells at someone before telling another,”get your shit I don’t care … you got a fucking place to lay your fucking head because you’re at my place. Don’t be disrespectful. “In the second audio file she can be heard disparaging designer Koa.”How many fucking hands do you need?“he yells at the designer.

Jen shah's collapse during spa day - rhoslc

You got four fucks [people]… .How many more people do you need to do a damn thing? One thing!“The Bravo star continues to threaten him saying:”I’ma beat you up in two seconds. “Since the audio appeared, Koa has taken to social networks to confirm the meeting and call Jen in a long statementI’ve been protecting this woman for too long“He said before sharing details of his story with her. He then accused her of being verbally abusive and not paying him. Koa also criticized MakeUpByMurillo for allegedly taking credit for her work.

Following the leaked audio, fans of the show have been calling for Jen’s firing or ownership of the situation. While he often found ways to defend his actions on the show, his behind-the-scenes behavior raises other questions. With housewives accused of excusing bad behavior from the show’s stars, viewers are wondering if that will change in the future. One thing’s for sure, Jen is clearly worthy of her bad girl character on the show.

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