Shojo anime doesn’t usually have incredibly powerful villains, but there are some exceptions where the antagonists are exceptionally strong.

When it comes to shojo anime, powerful villains and big fights are rarely the norm, outside of series focused on magical girls. Normally, the drama is in interpersonal connections, that is, the romance between two of the characters. Most villains will destroy your life instead of destroying the world as a whole.

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However, there are some exceptions, namely when it comes to Sailor moon. That series and others like it had villains who could rival their shonen counterparts, causing more than just heartache.

10 Akito Sohma is the divine spirit of the zodiac

Fruit basket 2-06 Shigure Akito

When it comes to shojo antagonists, few are as good as Akito. She helps lead Fruits Baskets to greatness and she does it because she is genuinely disgusting, even with her sad past. She is the god of the zodiac spirits and is able to make them bend to her whims due to Sohma’s curse. Even the most outspoken spirits fear her and the power she wields. While her powers don’t translate much beyond the zodiac, it’s hard to dispute her as a god.

9 Akura-Ou is an immoral demon with only one equal

In Kamisama kiss, Akura-Ou is an immortal demon who was trapped in the body of a human, desperately trying to find his original body. More than that, he plays the antagonist because his former love, Tomoe, rejected him for being a human girl. He was an infamous yokai whose powers were only equaled by Tomoe, the one he used to spread mischief and mayhem. Since it wasn’t the focus of the series, his true combat skills weren’t on display often, but they were, it was easy to see why he was so infamous.

8 Princess Emeraude has the power to summon a powerful rune god

Princess Emeraude is a tragic villain from the 90s anime Magic Knight Rayearth. She was a goddess-level ruler who fell madly in love with her head priest, Zagato. It was a love that could never be, leading them down a path that led to Zagato’s death and his turn toward villainy.

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While she rarely fought on her own, she was capable of summoning a powerful Rune God, one strong enough to destroy Zagato’s castle with a single hit and more than capable of dealing with the Magic Knights.

7 Croix Meridies was able to defend itself against a whole school of witches

St. Croix neighborhood

Croix Meridies is an underrated villain of the equally underrated Little witch academy. She was a fun mix of magic power and technology, fusing the two to create an interesting means of fighting. Her Magitronics put her on such a high level that she was able to fend off an entire academy of witches. The fact that he could harvest negative emotions from people through his inventions was the strongest power at his disposal.

6 Kyubey is a manipulator who creates a large number of magical girls

When it comes to magical girl shows, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one of the best new versions of the genre. It helped push the genre in a different direction and subverted many tropes. One of them is the cute animal companion. Kyubey at first feels like she falls just below that trope until the rug is pulled back and her true motives are revealed. Her power to grant wishes and create magical girls, as well as mess with the minds of said girls, makes her such a dangerous force.

5 Rido Kuran was a pureblood vampire of immense power

Rido kuran

Rido Kuran by vampire Knight was a pureblood vampire who served as one of the main antagonists of the series. He possessed all the powers of a pureblood vampire, such as immortality and the ability to heal any wound other than anti-vampire weaponry.

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He was even able to wield some of those same weapons against others, killing countless vampires. The most powerful of his abilities was transferring his soul to other people’s bodies, possessing it.

4 Queen Beryl is a powerful sorceress with varied magical attacks

When Sailor moon villains are bred, one name always stands out above the rest, and that’s Queen Beryl. She is a presence regardless of the median, even the musical performance of the show. She is the eternal arch enemy they have to face. Their powers are always based on magic, but they vary in what they can do. It can send energy projectiles, hit others with telekinesis, or even petrify them. If that weren’t enough, your prehensile hair can be impregnated with electricity.

3 Nakago was strong enough to knock someone out by raising his hand

When it comes to strong and edge-dominated characters, Nakago de Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Work Is at the top. The man was the first and strongest warrior among the Seiryuu Warriors shown in the series. As a powerful sorcerer, he mainly used energy blasts for attacks, but that masked his true power. Thanks to his constellation mark, he could knock someone out just by raising his hand. It is even Saitama’s power of One punch man I’d be jealous of

two Ragyo Kiryuin could survive being beheaded

Taking into account that Kill the prey is a parody of the magical girls genre, it’s no wonder the final villain Raygo Kiryuin is incredibly powerful. Due to how strong Ryuko and Satsuki were at this point, it was necessary to have such a strong enemy. Raygo’s powers easily dwarfed theirs at first, fighting both with ease. Most of this is due to the life fibers in his body, giving him superhuman physical prowess and regeneration that would make Wolverine blush. The fact that he regenerated his head after being beheaded is an unreal feat.

1 Sailor Galaxia was the most powerful being in the galaxy

In the final season of the anime, Sailor Galaxia is featured as the strongest among the Sailor Senshi and the one who defeated Chaos in Sailor Wars. Only that wasn’t the whole truth, as she simply sealed it within herself. Over the years, he ate her soul until she became a tyrant of the Galaxy, killing everyone in her path, even her soldiers. She was so powerful that she wiped out the Inner and Outer Sailor Guardians by herself.

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