Square Enix was recently caught in the firing line of a now-arrested man who launched death threats at the popular video game publisher.

A man has been detained in Japan after sending death threats to the gaming giant Square enix. The company is one of the largest publishers in the world, with control over Marvel Avengers, Final Fantasy, the new Outridersand many other massive franchises. This isn’t the first time Square Enix has dealt with angry gamers, but it’s also not a problem unique to Square Enix.

Numerous game publishers and even individuals are often caught in the line of fire of angry fans. EA recently took action against a FIFA player who sent racially charged messages to real-life gamer Ian Wright. The player ended up going to court, where he was not given a criminal conviction but was barred from entering. FIFA for life. Wright expressed his disgust at the actual court verdict, but spoke incredibly highly of EA’s actions against the player, ensuring that he would not be able to play the popular game on his own account again.

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Toshiyuki Kan was detained by police after he sent 37 hate-filled messages with death threats to publisher Square Enix. “What do I need to do to win?” Kan said (via Kotaku). The man grew more furious, prompting active threats. “I’m going to totally kill the person who installed this hoax.” Kan sent the messages to the Enix Quest game. Dragon Quest of the Stars website last November. The man confessed to the police his inability to win the game. “I couldn’t win so I got pissed off.”

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Dragon Quest of the Stars

In 2019, a 25-year-old man was also arrested for threatening to kill Square Enix employees. “I spent over 200,000 yen ($ 1,794) on the game and didn’t get the [in-game] article I wanted, so I sent the email in retaliation, ”the man said before saying he wanted a rerun of Koyoto Animation, a studio that was the victim of an arson that killed more than 30 people. “I was angry after losing in a game, so I ended up sending the message,” the man confessed similarly to Kan.

Last year, another similar but possibly more extreme than the incident in which a student threatened to bomb Konami. The Japanese company known by titles like Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Y Castlevania was attacked by a high school student who threw a bomb threat against the company. It was nothing more than a threat, as no devices were actually found, but the teenager explained that his fury was caused by a bug in Pro Evolution Soccer. It shows how much trouble a few angry words can get someone into.

Square Enix, while often loved, has been receiving a lot of criticism in recent months. Square Enix released the very mixed Marvel Avengers, leading to poor sales and half-hearted reviews. The lack of substantial updates and support for the game has also caused tension between the publisher and fans. That being said, other games have also been causing Square enix so much drama.

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Source: Kotaku

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