Two main Sucker Punch developers are being honored by real-world Tsushima as thanks for Ghost of Tsushima raising awareness about the island.

Two senior officials of the Tsushima ghost The development team will become an ambassador for the true island of Tsushima. PlayStation exclusive Tsushima ghost has been widely praised for its beautiful open-world setting and fascinating story, and Japan is one of the game’s biggest fan bases.

Tsushima ghost has raised the global profile of the real-world island of Japan’s Tsushima Island since the game’s initial release in July 2020. The result of this newfound fame saw members of the Tsushima ghost The fan community rallies to raise funds for the island after a typhoon destroyed one of the historic gates to the Torii Shrine. The local shrine priest, Yuichi Hirayama, publicly acknowledged that he was the Tsushima ghost community that donated a large sum of the final money raised through the Campfire campaign (the Japanese Kickstarter counterpart) that began funding the repairs.

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Now the island is honoring two of Tsushuima ghost leading developers. Sucker Punch Production Game Director Nate Fox and Creative Director Jason Connell will receive the honors of becoming permanent tourism ambassadors for the city of Tsushima in Nagasaki. In a statement translated by VGC, Tsushima Mayor Hiroki Hitakatsu said:

” [Fox and Connell] spread Tsushima’s name and story to the whole world in such a wonderful way. Even many Japanese do not know the history of the Gen-ko period. When it comes to the world, Tsushima’s name and location are literally unknown, so I can’t thank them enough for telling our story with such phenomenal graphics and deep stories. ”

Tsushima Jin ghost and a fox

Hitakatsu also mentioned that this is the first time in history that this honor has been awarded to those who had spread the “Tsushima’s name and history through his works. “The award has previously been presented to notable Japanese citizens. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the award ceremony of the Tsushima ghost The developers will be carried out digitally. Both Fox and Connell will receive a thank you letter along with the presentation of their awards. Hitakatsu also shared that he wished he could bestow the same honor on the entire Sucker Punch team as he has them all to thank for the increased recognition the island has garnered since the launch of Tsushima ghost.

Rumors are currently circulating that Sucker Punch is working on a sequel to Tsushima ghost. Several job postings have appeared on the company’s website that clearly indicate that more content is coming. These include posts for a combat designer who “must have played Ghost of Tsushima“And a narrative writer with him”desire to write stories about feudal Japan. “While nothing has been confirmed yet, there is still the Tsushima’s Ghost: Legends multiplayer mode to keep players entertained.

Many also hope for a Tsushima ghost PlayStation 5 port, but there has been nothing official to continue. However, whatever Sucker Punch decides next is probably worth the wait.

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Tsushima ghost is available now for PlayStation 4.

Source: VGC

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