Marvel’s latest issue of X-Men suggests that a mutant may have a romantic interest in Wolverine, but will she reciprocate those feelings?

Warning: Contains spoilers for X-Men # 18!

The last X Men The comic is sparking an epic new relationship for Glutton. Revealing what happened when Wolverine’s team entered the Vault, X-Men # 18 it’s also revealing some developing feelings. A teammate could become the third wheel of a few hundred wheels if this relationship really takes place. Otherwise, there may be heartbreak in the future of an X-Men member.

X-Men # 5 revealed that the team would go to the Vault to gather information on the Sons of the Vault. Wolverine, Synch, and Darwin are tasked with infiltrating in the expectation that Wolverine will help keep the others alive with his abilities, while Darwin and Synch engage in observation. Additionally, Synch is believed to be able to take on some of Wolverine’s toughness for any fight that may occur. Written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Mahmud Asrar, X-Men # 18 reveals what happens once the team enters the Vault, as well as some new things about Synch in particular.

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Immediately after entering the Vault, the X-Men take a look at the design, which turns out to be huge. The issue focuses readers on the thoughts of Synch, the mutant who can temporarily obtain the powers of others, who is thinking about how the team was selected in terms of abilities and mission needs. Synch has felt a bit left behind and is not that useful or special for this team. It was called redundancy in X-Men # 5 And feel like that’s really what it is In addition to feeling a bit bummed by this, he is seen feeling something else: admiration and perhaps interest in Wolverine.

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Neither Synch nor Laura are currently in a relationship, although Laura’s story has made her distrust them. She was once in love with Julian Keller, codename Hellion. Although they grew closer over time, a full relationship never developed and eventually Laura’s feelings for him waned. The only relationship she was really in was with Warren Worthington III, whose code name was Angel. Their relationship gradually became strained due to the risks Laura took and eventually the two decided to break up.

Synch was previously in a relationship with Monet St. Croix – codename M. During their Generation X days the two became very close. Their relationship ended when Synch sacrificed himself to prevent a bomb blast. Generation X disbanded after this happened and this is their first comeback. When it comes to X-Men relationships, there are definitely couples that seem to come naturally or are staples of the series. Synch and Laura may not seem like a natural couple at first, but the two can be surprisingly good together. Synch’s confidence has been shaken lately, but a new power and time with Laura could go a long way. Laura honestly opening up to someone again could be great for her too.

Laura’s aggressive teasing doesn’t affect him at this point and neither does her cutting Serafina, potentially to death. Add in the fact that the two of you are about to spend a lot of time together and this can be a surprisingly good combination. Time passes differently in the Vault, so you could easily spend several hundred or even a thousand years within it getting closer to each other. Near death situations and constant survival situations could create a relatively quick connection, but changing the question of whether or not their relationship could last outside of the Vault. Regardless, this situation could create a very close relationship and third wheel awkward position for Darwin, or even potentially intense discomfort if Synch’s feelings are revealed, but not reciprocated. Either way, Wolverine’s X-Men The team is going to be united and depend on each other for a long time, for better or for worse.

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