Like most movies based on a prophecy of vague origins, Pokémon 2000 has quite a few things that confuse them.

Pokémon: The Movie 2000 is the second Pokémon movie to feature Pokémon Lugia, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. When the villain captures two of the legendary birds in an attempt to lure Lugia, he throws the world off balance. The legendary birds become so enraged that they begin to fight each other in a battle violent enough to destroy the world.

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Although Lugia’s responsibility is to stop the fighting, an ancient prophecy states that only Ash Ketchum can help restore peace to the world. Like most movies based on a prophecy of vague origins, the movie has quite a few things that confuse it.

10 The title was changed with the US release.

Pokemon 2000 movie poster

The film’s US premiere was titled Pokémon: The Movie 2000. Although the dubbed version was available in the middle of that year, the actual release date of the film was a year earlier. The bottom of the original VHS cover said that one person could make a difference. However, the original title of the film, which is available in the opening sequence, is Pokémon: the power of one. It would have made more sense to keep the same title.

9 Zapdos communicates through electrocution

Zapdos using an electric move

After Moltres is captured, Zapdos decides to claim the island of Moltres as his own. Unlike other Legendary Pokémon that can speak telepathically to humans or even through ordinary Pokémon language, Zapdos and Pikachu communicate with each other using electric shocks.

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The communication actually ends up hurting Pikachu, and Zapdos is barely aware of Pikachu’s presence. It is never explained why Zapdos communicates in this way.

8 The prophecy calls Ash the chosen one

Ash and Pikachu smile at each other.

As told by Slowking, the prophecy states that if the birds were ever disturbed, the world would turn to Ash. Specifically, Ash Ketchum. Right now, Ash is complaining about the fact that his mother didn’t just name him Bob. The movie never really says what makes Ash so special. Other than that, the orb of each island only glows in his hands. The prophecy says nothing about what people should do if this happens again years in the future, when Ash Ketchum is gone.

7 Ash never realizes that Team Rocket is following them

Magikarp being carried away by the current

When traveling the sea in a small boat, Ash and his friends never realize that Team Rocket is following them all the time. Team Rocket isn’t exactly well hidden, especially when the storm hits. The ocean brings a large group of Magikarp to the surface, including Team Rocket’s submarine Magikarp. The sub is gigantic compared to the rest of the Magikarp, but no one on Ash’s ship thinks to look back even once.

6 Legendary birds affect the climate and balance of the world

Legendary birds fly peacefully in the air.

It’s not easy to imagine how catching a single firebird is enough to cause snow and rain to appear sporadically in areas around the world. Legendary Pokémon are rare and powerful, but the movie doesn’t explain why birds of ice, thunder, and fire can control the weather across an entire planet.

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It seems a bit of a stretch, especially since games with these Pokémon allow trainers to catch them without consequences.

5 The villain leaves strangers unattended on his ship

Lawrence III admires the Moltres he caught

Lawrence III commands a giant airship with artificial intelligence and the ability to effortlessly defeat and capture the Legendary Pokémon. Although he wields an immense amount of power, he makes a careless mistake when he accidentally captures Ash’s group. After they tell him that they are upset with his plans, he frees them and leaves them alone with the Legendary Pokémon. This bug causes Ash to release the legendary birds, which destroy his ship.

4 No other Legendary Pokémon bothers to show up

Mewtwo stands there as the sun shines behind him.

At this point, there was a minimal amount of Legendary Pokémon. However, despite the danger of attracting thousands of Pokémon to the battle scene, no Legendary Pokémon appear other than Lugia. Ho’Oh, Mewtwo, Mew, the legendary dog ​​Pokémon did not bother to make an appearance even though there was a possibility that the battle between the bird Pokémon would have been catastrophic enough to destroy the entire world.

3 People just get out of a helicopter crash

Professor Oak is interviewed by a news crew

Professor Oak, Professor Ivy, and Ash’s mother travel from the town of Pallet to be there for him. However, the helicopter makes a forced landing. Despite the impact of the crash, they immediately open the door and jump, as agile as ever. Although they were there to support Ash, the first thing Delia Ketchum does when she sees her son is yell at him for being reckless. However, he didn’t have much of a choice and the fact that she called him Ash made this situation partly his fault.

two Legendary Birds Attack Ash

Ash and Pikachu submerged in the water.

Feeling terrible for the caged Zapdos and Moltres, Ash sends his Pokémon to attack their cages. With the combined efforts of his Pokémon, he manages to free them. As a thank you, the birds decide to destroy the aircraft it is standing on, causing it to crash. When Ash gathers the orbs and tries to break up the ensuing battle between the three legendary birds, they don’t hesitate to attack him as well.

1 Everyone forgets the villain

Lawrence III sits in his airship

At the end of the film, balance is restored and Lugia peacefully flies through the air with Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. A whirlpool of water spreads across the sky in beautiful images, but the characters forget one important thing: the villain has not been stopped. Instead of learning the lesson, he holds up a card from Mew and decides that he’s more than willing to start his legendary collection all over again.

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