Season 9 may not be in the works yet, but Ashling Lorger is finding ways to occupy her time and satisfy her need to travel. This is what you are doing now.

While the charter season of Below deck was interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the eighth season still had a season filled with drama. With the firing of two crew members (and all the disputes that led to that decision), this final season and the after-show had plenty of shows. As viewers wait for the next season to begin filming, cast members must find other ways to occupy their time. Stewardess Ashling Lorger hasn’t let the end of the charter job stop her from traveling or staying in the public eye.

Ashling Lorger went from being a hairdresser and business owner to being the third stew on a yacht pretty quickly. The career change allowed her to travel, which was important to her. While working on Below deck, she couldn’t help but get caught up in the drama caused by her teammate Elizabeth Frankini. Chef Francesca Rubi found Frankini’s work ethic flawed. Lorger sued Frankini for rule violations, such as sleeping in guest rooms, which eventually contributed to Frankini being fired. Lorger, on the other hand, seemed dedicated to following the rules and keeping charter guests safe, making her a likely candidate to be invited again when next season is screened.

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Meanwhile, Lorger has not stopped traveling. Although it is not a good time to travel to other countries, you have made the most of the current situation by exploring your native Australia. His Instagram The account is filled with images of his hikes, road trips, and visits to a sand dune, national parks, and beaches. While she’s certainly excited for the time when she can travel to other continents again, the young and former business owner is making the most of a bad situation.

As for work, Ashling Lorger seems to be adjusting to life as a model and paid influencer. Her social media includes glamorous shots of herself, as well as advertisements for various products. He has advertised everything from beauty products to blenders to beer. She also has no regrets about her work at Below deck, promoting the after-show promising a lot of drama. She also appeared in Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen to discuss your experience on the yacht and the opinions of your co-workers. Unlike other reality shows, the drama of Below deck appears to be authentic.

Ashling Lorger seems willing to return to the show whenever he can start filming again. On Instagram, he commemorated the broadcast of the final episode of the eighth season by saying: “It’s goodbye for now, not forever.Bravo has yet to announce the ninth season, but with the series’ popularity, it is likely that they will begin filming as soon as it is deemed safe.

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Source: Ashling Lorger / Instagram

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