Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax (which includes Bethesda Softworks and id Software) has been approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Another step in MicrosoftThe ZeniMax Media acquisition is one step closer to completion, as the purchase has been approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.Once completed, this deal will put some of the largest video game franchises in all of the world. times under the banner of Xbox game studios.

Last year it was revealed that Microsoft was planning to buy ZeniMax Media. The intention was to acquire all the studios that ZeniMax owned, including Arkane, Bethesda Softworks and id Software. The deal will give Microsoft some major franchises in the future as it will own Doom, Fallout, Y Ancient documents, to name a few. After Microsoft’s announcement, the expectation was that a deal could take a long time to complete. The cost of this acquisition is $ 7.5 billion, which is almost double what Disney paid. Star Wars.

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There were concerns that a lawsuit involving Fallout 4 It might slow down Microsoft’s purchase of ZeniMax Media, but that no longer appears to be the case. the US Securities Commission has confirmed that Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax has been approved by regulators, putting the deal one big step closer to completion.

However, the acquisition is not finished yet, as the deal must be approved by the European Commission before it is completed. The provisional deadline for this review is today, so Microsoft should hear about the European Commission’s decision soon. No complications are expected and the deal appears likely to be completed as planned.

There are rumors that Microsoft has a big event planned for when the deal with ZeniMax ends. Rumor has it that the new information on Starfield Y The Elder Scrolls 6 is being saved for this event. The price tag for this acquisition is huge, but it will do some amazing things for the Xbox brand. Microsoft will soon have the power to convert Doom, Fallout, Y Ancient documents exclusively for PC and Xbox. The Xbox brand has lagged behind when it comes to exclusives and this is the exact boost that the line of systems needs on the current generation of consoles. the Xbox Series X it will look much more attractive if the new Ancient scrolls game and Starfield are free for Game Pass subscribers on the first day. It remains to be seen if Microsoft It will go down the exclusives route and more information is likely to arrive as soon as the deal with ZeniMax ends.

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Source: US Securities Commission

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