With John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick joining the Stargirl cast, the JSA status of Legends of Tomorrow in Earth-Prime’s past is in doubt.

The news that John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick will appear on Star Girl season 2 has posed a number of complications for the Arrowverse, particularly in regards to the Justice Society of America (JSA) which appeared in Legends of tomorrow. Beyond violating the new rules of the multiverse regarding doppelgangers of the same people who exist on Alternate Earths, it raises a number of questions about the new timeline established by Crisis on Infinite Earths. and if there ever was a Justice Society on Earth-Prime.

Debuting in All-Star Comics # 3, the Justice Society of America was the first superhero team created for DC Comics. With eight of DC Comics’ most popular heroes (including The Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkman), the logic was that kids were more likely to spend their hard-earned dimes on comics with multiple heroes fighting each other. The idea paid off, and superhero teams have been an indispensable part of the genre ever since.

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The first version of the Justice Society of America to appear on the Arrowverse was sparked by the suspense ending of Legends of tomorrow season 1, when a man introducing himself as Rex Tyler (aka Hourman) arrived in a rickety version of the Waverider and warned the Legends not to board his ship or they would all die. The entire JSA team, consisting of Hourman, Stargirl, Doctor Mid-Nite, Obsidian, Commander Steel, and the first Vixen, showed up at Legends of tomorrow season 2. At the end of the season, most of the team (except Obsidian and Vixen) were either dead or scattered in time to protect the pieces of the Spear of Destiny, which had the power to rewrite reality. In a notable change from the original comics, this JSA was an underground organization that operated in secret, but its members wore colorful outfits like those associated with traditional superheroes.

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Star Girl Season 1 established a different version of the Justice Society of America, which was more accurate than the original lineup in the comics. This team operated openly, with its members appearing often in the newspapers of the time and making no effort to cover up its existence. Somehow, despite being established in 1941, most of the original team lived until Christmas Eve 2010, where everyone (except Hourman) was killed in a final battle with their arch nemesis, the Injustice Society. The first season of Stargirl saw Courtney Whitmore, who had acquired and reawakened Starman’s staff, try to build a new Justice Society with classmates from her new school, including the son of the original Hourman.

While Star Girl He teased a version of Jay Garrick that is The Flash of the new Earth-2, it is not clear how that is possible. In the original Arrowverse timeline, Jay Garrick was a native of Earth-3, a doppelganger of Barry Allen’s father, Dr. Henry Allen, and was not part of any incarnations of the JSA. Jay may have been reworked in the new Earth-2 timeline when the various realities collapsed into each other during Crisis on Infinite Earths and that, being dead both in the reality of Star Girl and the new Earth-Prime, there was no reason why the rules against multiple versions of the same existing person in the new multiverse would be an issue.

However, this raises the question whether a version of the Justice Society of America introduced by Legends of tomorrow existed in the Earth-Prime timeline past. Presumably, there had to be some team with Vixen and Commander Steel, if only to inspire their descendants today. Arrowverse, but there may not have been a Courtney Whitmore to become the Star Girl who later traveled to the past and became Merlin armed with a piece of the Spear of Destiny. Given the fractured nature of the continuity in Legends of tomorrowHowever, it seems unlikely that this point will be addressed outside the realm of fan fiction.

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