Loop Hero, the hit new roguelite from developer Four Quarters, has reached over 150,000 players in just under 24 hours since its launch on Steam alone.

The newly released Loop Hero has reached a major player count milestone after just one day. The roguelite genre is a hot commodity right now, and Loop Hero is no exception. While the game was only unlocked on Steam overnight, it already has over 150,000 players and an overwhelmingly positive score with over 1,289 reviews.

Loop Hero is the ultimate roguelite full of deadly traps and random dangers. Unlike the usual roguelites, which use a side scrolling or top-down format, Loop Hero brings a whole new element to the genre: auto battles. Players use a deck of cards to build a path for their hero to follow, equipping items and fighting enemies along the way based on the cards played. Each run is different and the game has infinite playability thanks to the random elements in play.

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Four rooms’ Loop Hero has risen to the top ten best-selling games in Steam in less than 24 hours, falling just behind the early release survival game, Valheim. This may be due in part to Loop Hero 15% off the sale to celebrate the game’s launch or the fact that many online publications and notable personalities from the gaming industry have been talking about the title in anticipation of the launch. Jason schreier, a video game journalist known for his work on Kotaku Y Bloomberg, has been tweeting about the game since its launch.

Like other games of the genre, hitting Loop Hero It is not an easy task. Most of the players are currently stuck in the first chapter of the game. Finding the balance between investing in the camp economy and taking risks with the monsters for better loot is a difficult line to follow. If you are too greedy, players will find themselves facing a monster too strong for them; If you don’t invest enough, players will fall behind the difficulty curve. Finding the middle ground is the key to victory.

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Recently, roguelikes like Hades, kill the needle, Y Dead cells They have reinvigorated the genre on modern consoles and PC. Each title has brought something new to the genre, adding its own touch and separating it from the rest. Loop Hero It’s no different, taking some old-school mechanics and graphics and adding a new charm to create a truly unique experience.

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Loop Hero It is available now for PC via Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, and Epic Games.

Source: Steam, Jason schreier

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