The German parliament passed a new youth protection law that prohibits minors from buying video games containing loot.

The German parliament has passed a new youth protection law that sells loot box games to minors. Loot boxes, which are often purchased with money and then opened to receive a random in-game item, began to appear in video games in the early 2000s as a way to monetize games. Loot boxes have often been compared to gambling and are frowned upon because they provide an advantage to players spending real-world money on competitive games. As a result, a wave of countries have started implementing regulations to restrict the use of loot boxes in games.

Recently, Epic Games encountered issues with loot boxes as well, as they were forced to refund loot boxes after facing a lawsuit. The lawsuit came from an underage gamer who claimed that loot box sales are misleading because Epic Games does not disclose item drop rates. Late last year, EA was sued by a group of people who claim that the company manipulates players to incentivize the purchase of loot boxes. The lawsuit claimed that EA Sports used its proprietary “Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment” technology, which helps challenge players in games such as To get mad Y FIFA, to inflate the difficulty. According to the plaintiffs, this increased difficulty was intended to push players to buy loot boxes to acquire better players.

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According to redditas XP3RiX, which translated an article from the German, the German parliament banned the sale of loot boxes to minors. The prohibition is part of the Youth Protection Law, which seeks to defend minors from being incentivized to make purchases or perform acts similar to gambling in video games. While loot boxes are not completely banned, games containing loot boxes will now be ranked higher in age in Germany. The law is still awaiting final approval, but is expected to take effect in the spring.

Loot Box Warning Message

As loot boxes become increasingly taboo, many video game publishers and developers are trying to distance themselves from their use. Capcom’s 2020 financial report opposes the “mechanics of lottery-style games” and the company is committed to providing all content for a game at no additional charge. Although Capcom’s recent title Resistance to resident evil Contains in-game microtransactions, these purchases are not random loot boxes like many others.

Although microtransactions can be a harmless way for games to make extra money after launch, loot boxes tend to be particularly manipulative. Tricking players into buying numerous loot boxes to get what they want is far less forgivable than simply allowing them to purchase the desired item. Exposing young, impressionable minors to gambling can also be very damaging, which is why the German parliament’s decision to restrict loot boxes is perfectly understandable.

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Source: XP3RiX / Reddit

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