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No time to dieThe latest installment in the James Bond film series has definitely not been without its delays, but a new poster for the Daniel Craig-helmed flick reveals the studio’s intention to go ahead with a tight release date. However, this new poster marks the first indication of the film’s new, new, latest date since its last postponement in January. As long as there are no further delays that require another rescheduling, No time to die is officially on track to drop nearly two years after its release was originally planned.

This confirmation comes on the heels of several postponements for the most recent film in the long-running spy franchise, which experienced several production delays prior to its originally planned release. No time to die it had once been scheduled to premiere in November 2019, before being pushed back to February 2020, then April of that same year as a result of the co-writer and director Danny boyleHeading from the movie, citing creative differences.

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Then Cary fukunaga took over, production apparently went smoothly, but a world tour and international premiere scheduled for April were canceled due to a COVID-19 outbreak in China. MGM and Eon Productions confirmed that they would postpone the launch until November 12, 2020, but by October it was clear that the widespread pandemic would affect the theater industry much more significantly than originally anticipated. No time to die It was then delayed again until April 2021, before it was finally postponed until October 2021.

Hereinafter, No time to die It is currently scheduled for a premiere on October 8, with a release date of September 30 in the UK. Check out the new poster below:

No Time to Die James Bond October 2021 Poster

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