Cloud gaming could help Nintendo Switch keep up with other consoles. However, without focusing on it, the system cannot compete.

Since its launch, the Nintendo Switch has proven that it can hold its own against its competitors. All Nintendo had to do was create a system that would merge portable and home games without sacrificing quality. It showed that Nintendo never stops innovating its technology. However, while he continues to focus on what makes the Switch special, it is equally important to make sure that Switch owners have great games to experience, not just a single console.

However, a recent interview with Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa indicates that the company may not be doing its best to keep up with the competition. Furukawa indicated that Nintendo is not making cloud gaming a priority. However, this raises many questions about how the Switch can compete without investing time and energy in this area.

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While the Switch is primarily designed for Nintendo’s own games and creations, cloud gaming broadens your horizons. Allows players to play titles like Control, Hitman 3 Y Resident Evil 7 on the Switch even though the console itself lacks the ability to run them on its own. A lack of focus on cloud gaming would cut the legs under the system, losing a lot of ground compared to the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, particularly their next-gen systems.

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The reason the Nintendo Switch cannot run many recent games locally has to do with the console’s GPU and CPU. While other consoles have the power to download current generation games and store them locally, the Switch cannot. Cloud gaming creates a server where games can be stored outside of the console while allowing gamers to enjoy them. Without cloud gaming, the Nintendo Switch is vastly out of power and unable to run technologically demanding games, meaning those who only own a Switch cannot access popular new and recent titles.

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Nintendo, instead, is focusing on what fans are hoping for: creating new ways to have fun and putting different twists on their beloved titles. That’s why some classic Nintendo franchises are making a comeback in new and improved ways. But while this is not inherently a negative decision, focusing on cloud features would make the Switch even more flexible and capable of fending off the competition.

So far, fans have responded well to the cloud options on offer. While there are obvious improvements to be made, there has been a lot of positive feedback, especially from gamers who don’t have access to other consoles and that without cloud gaming these titles would have been missed.

Cloud gaming is going nowhere; in fact, they are likely to only grow as the technology that allows gamers to stream improves. The feature will also remain on Switch. The problem lies in whether or not Nintendo will give it the attention it demands with better games and consistent improvements. The flexibility and library of first-rate Switch Y Third-party games have helped it attract gamers even after the next generation. However, with games becoming increasingly technologically demanding, cloud gaming is the only way the Nintendo Switch will be able to match the competition.

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