Lola Bunny from Looney Tunes is living with the Amazons from Wonder Woman at the beginning of Space Jam: A New Legacy, according to director Malcom D. Lee.

Space Jam: a new legacy you will see Lola Bunny living with Wonder Woman Amazonas, according to director Malcom D. Lee. The new film, a sequel to the iconic 1996 film starring Michael Jordan and the Looney tunes The cast will reportedly feature many crossovers with other Warner Bros. franchises, such as DC. Space jam 2 It is scheduled for theatrical release and airing on HBO Max on July 16.

Like the original Space jam, A new legacy will feature a mix of professional basketball players, Looney tunes original human characters and characters. LeBron James will headline the cast, which also includes Don Cheadle as the villainous AI show Al-G Rhythm, Cedric Joe as James’s fictional son Dom, a cartoon cast led by Eric Bauza, and several stars from the NBA and WNBA, like Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard and Diana Taurasi. The film follows James and Dom as they become involved in a virtual reality basketball duel against Al-G Rhythm’s “Goon Squad”.

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Space jam 2 It will also feature crossovers with other Warner Bros. franchises, one of which will be particularly relevant to Lola Bunny from Looney Tunes. For THAT, Director Malcom D. Lee has said that Lola begins the story not with the other Tunes, but with the Amazons of Themyscira from Wonder Woman. The DC crossover is part of a larger character rework for Lola, which Lee has said is destined to change her. “Too sexualized” representation in the original Space jam and focus more on your strength and athletic ability.

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Lola Bunny Space Jam a new legacy

Lola’s redesign has been somewhat controversial. Some fans have applauded the change, while others have criticized the move for perpetuating the idea that women cannot be both strong and attractive. Lee has emphasized that Lola’s change was largely motivated by Space Jam: a new legacy been like a kids movie. Most of the other Looney tunes the characters appear visually unchanged, although all have received new 3D models for the virtual world of the film.

The potential for crossover with other Warner Bros. properties is certainly interesting, but its success will depend on the tact with which the references are written. Lola has some screen time with him Wonder Woman Amazons is a promising idea and hopefully it will contribute to its character as well as simply summoning another franchise. Space jam it’s inherently a crossover story, and it could quickly get messed up if too many familiar faces are added to the mix. However, until now Space Jam: a new legacy looks like a solid successor to a beloved classic.

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  • Space Jam 2 (2021)Release Date: Jul 16, 2021

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