Vladimir Nabokov examines Superman and Lois Lane’s relationship in a recently revealed poem titled “The Man of Tomorrow’s Lament,” written in 1942.

A previously lost poem by Lolita author Vladimir Nabokov considers Superman and the sex life of Lois Lane. The DC Comics couple is one of the most beloved pop culture couples of all time. Clark Kent / Superman made his first appearance in the late 1930s, as did the respected journalist Lois. Since then, they have continued their relationship in the comics, as well as in various movies and television shows. Countless actors have played Superman and Lois at this point, helping bring the beloved couple to life.

2021 is a great year for both characters. The CW Superman and Lois has been released, with Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch playing the title heroes. The new show is a hit, with season 2 already on the way. Meanwhile, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams remain the current Superman and Lois of the DC Extended Universe. The two have starred in several movies over the past decade, including Iron Man Y Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Both will also appear in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, in March 2021. Beyond that, his future in the DCEU remains up in the air, though JJ Abrams’ new Superman movie in development shows that DC won’t give up on the Man of Steel any time soon.

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Superman and Lois have clearly inspired countless creative works over the years. Now, a new one has been revealed, a poem by Nabokov titled “The Man of Tomorrow’s Lament.” Posted by Times Literary Supplement (via Rolling Stone), the poem was written in 1942 but has not seen the light until now. The job is from Superman’s perspective, as he worries about hurting Lois during their time together. Suggest “marriage would be a murder on my part, an earthquake, ruining a woman’s life at night. “Clark also asks”But even if that explosion of love spared her fragile body, what children would she have?“and finally expresses his wish”be a normal boy instead.

Clarks and Lois Batman V Superman

Nabokov’s poem is certainly an interesting examination of Superman and Lois’s relationship. His sex life hasn’t been explored much, at least in recent live-action adaptations. However, a powerful being falling in love with a human is a common trope in the media, especially in comic book stories. Nabokov’s work may seem like a surprising way to look at Superman and Lois’ relationship, but it offers a unique insight into the trials they may face.

The poem also shows Superman and Lois are iconic characters for a reason. They have been around for almost 100 years, but artists still manage to create new stories about their relationship. There may not be many poems written about the two anymore, but they will be an important part of the pop culture conversation for decades to come.

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Source: Times Literary Supplement (via Rolling Stone)

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