Here are all the best Call of Duty: Warzone launch locations. From hot spots to quiet drops, these locations have great potential for winning games.

Call of Duty: War Zone I recently got some new items through Cold War Season 2 update, the latest in a series of changes for the Battle Royale game. These changes have updated the classic map of Verdansk several times, and a smaller and more frenetic map called Rebirth Island is also available. Both maps feature either loot-filled or enemy-filled locations, and often both. Here are the best War zone Drop locations for both maps, based on available loot and enemy encounter potential.

Players who stick with the tried and true Verdansk map (at least until it is removed in the assumption War zone nuclear event) you’ll want to take note of the locations containing supply crates, the source of the best loot in the game. These boxes can give players cash, kill streaks, field upgrades, and weapons. The following Verdansk locations have the most loot available: Verdansk International Airport, Storage Town, Atlas Superstore, BCH TV Station, Karst River Quarry, Gorengard Lumber Yard, Verdansk Stadium, Verdansk Hospital, Verdansk Train Station, Barakett Promenade East, Downtown Tavorsk District, Verdansk City Harbor and Zordaya Prison Complex. As a basic rule of thumb, named locations are good, especially those industrialized locations toward the southern end of the map.

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Of course, the locations with the best loot are sure to attract multiple squads, turning them into shooting galleries. Confident players (or those looking for fast and exciting rounds) may want to take a chance near Superstore and Storage Town. These are two of the hottest spots on the map, and if players can almost certainly emerge victorious from the fight, they will be in a good position for a possible game-winning run. Going in, killing the other players and getting the best loot is a win. War zone strategy. The newly added shipwreck is also attracting a large number of players, as captured by cdchristie1 on Reddit, but that may change as the novelty wears off.

Best Warzone Locations in Verdansk and Rebirth Island

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For those who prefer a quieter fall, Lumber Yard or Verdansk’s Boneyard can be good spots. These were the most popular suggestions in response to the Reddit user. StavBerko’s posts requesting non-shortcut locations, and have been yelled at in various other posts. There’s a lot of loot in these places, but also a lot of space, making it possible to dodge the edges, nibbling on some nice drops of loot without getting involved in large-scale conflicts.

War zoneThe much smaller Rebirth Island map is designed for quick shooter games. It’s life or death on this map, and stealth drops are much less likely, which means it’s probably best to do your best to get the best loot. The best loot can be found at the Prison Block, Decontamination Zone, Chemical Engineering, and Factory locations. Dropping with the best War zone the load in mind can also be a boost.

In any War zone map, knowing where the loot is and where the enemy is likely to be can make a difference. Players looking to increase their odds of winning their next War zone Match should try to land in one of these locations.

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