The WandaVision series finale saw Agatha Harkness warning Wanda Maximoff that she had unleashed something terrible. What has Wanda unleashed?

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Marvel WandaVision, episode 9

What has Wanda Maximoff unleashed at the end of Marvel’s? WandaVision? At the end of the Disney Plus series finale, Wanda defeated the witch known as Agatha Harkness, fully embracing her power and title as the Scarlet Witch from the MCU. However, as the battle drew to a close, Agatha revealed that Wanda had no idea what she had just done, and further warned the Scarlet Witch that she had just unleashed something seemingly dangerous and terrible for the future. While it is possible that Wanda’s actions in the finale will lead to the Strange doctor sequel, she might as well have released a new dark god in the MCU.

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In the series finale, Wanda initially tried to ignore Agatha’s claims that she was the Scarlet Witch and that her power came from chaos magic. However, Wanda ended up adopting her role as an incredibly strong magic user with a power that “surpasses that of the Supreme Sorcerer“According to Agatha. While Agatha was trying to absorb and take all of Wanda’s powers for herself, Wanda had secretly cast runes during her fight around all sides of the energy spell that surrounded the city of Westview and the two of them. As Agatha said In the eighth episode of the series, only the rune-casting witch can use magic, which is what ultimately led to the dark witch’s defeat after Wanda reabsorbed her power and actually became the Scarlet Witch (for him Agatha’s apparent horror).

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As mentioned above, Agatha warns Wanda about what she just did, revealing that she just unleashed something that Agatha says will require her help. However, Wanda chooses to trap Agatha in her role as Agnes, Westview’s nosy neighbor (at least until Wanda needs her). Regardless, something dangerous seems to be on the way for the future of the MCU, and it’s all thanks to Wanda becoming the Scarlet Witch. The first thing that comes to mind is a possible breakdown of the multiverse. Wanda will appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity, and it could be that her rise in power as a wielder of chaos magic might inadvertently cause some major dysfunctions in reality. This could be the inciting incident that led to multiversal chaos for her along with Doctor Strange.

Chaos Magic of the Scarlet Witch in WandaVision and Doctor Strange

It is also possible that Wanda, becoming the Scarlet Witch, inadvertently opened the door for the dark god Chthon with her chaos magic. Chthon is the Elder God of Chaos in the Marvel Universe, and he is also the supernatural author of the Darkhold, the powerful book that was in Agatha’s possession (and is now in Wanda). Chthon has also possessed Wanda on more than one occasion in the comics, as she exists as the creator of creating and wielding chaos magic. Now that Wanda has chosen to fully embrace her power, she is learning from the same book that has provided Chthon with access to Earth in the comics. The same could happen in the MCU as well, which would undoubtedly bring untold destruction to the universe.

Either way, it seems doubtful that Agatha was bragging about Wanda unleashing something great and dangerous with her power. Whether it’s a link to Doctor Strange, something grander in the works, like Chthon being released to wreak havoc, or a mix of the two, hopefully Wanda will be prepared to face the consequences of whatever she accidentally unleashed in the MCU. after the epic. end that was marvel WandaVision.

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