Fans around the world locked servers every week to watch the latest episode of WandaVision, which could be compared to a comic book miniseries released to preview an upcoming event. This makes him an incredibly important part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond the huge changes made to the lives of Scarlet Witch and Vision.

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WandaVision explored comic stories such as Avengers of the west coast“Vision Quest” that sparked a potentially dark future for some of the characters. After the revelations of the WandaVision In the end, there are quite a few comic stories that fans can watch that could easily be used for future projects and stories in the MCU.

Spoilers ahead for WandaVisionend of.

10 Vision took over the world’s security systems during “Ultimate Vision”

Vision in The Avengers

The story of “Vision Quest” explored in WandaVision He saw Vision dismantled and rebuilt by the government, although in the comics the motivation behind that act was very different from that of the MCU. The Avengers’ The story of “Ultimate Vision” took place after Vision was repaired by an alien AI that influenced him through a control crystal implanted during its creation by Ultron.

Vision expanded his consciousness and took over the world’s various security systems in his misguided attempt to save the planet which ultimately led to its dismantling. The new Vision introduced in WandaVision it could follow a similar logic, especially if there is some Ultron left in the reconstructed synth.

9 Wanda was possessed by Chthon in “The Witch on Wundagore Mountain”

Wanda’s magical abilities were further developed in WandaVision while teasing her connection to the mystical Darkhold, which also revealed her prophesied role as the Scarlet Witch for the first time in the MCU. The Darkhold was created by the powerful Elder God known as Chthon, who has exercised his control over Wanda multiple times in the comics.

The story of “The Witch on Wundagore Mountain” saw the Scarlet Witch turn against her fellow Avengers after falling under Chthon’s control. Dice WandaVisionThe possible reveal of the post-credits scene from Wundagore Mountain and Wanda’s further exploration of the Darkhold, it is highly likely that Chthon is also extending his dark control over Wanda in the MCU.

8 The reconstructed vision found its humanity again in “Re / Vision”

Vision of The Avengers with battle damage.

While it’s not the darkest story that could be explored next in the MCU, “Re / Vision” by Avengers Spotlight Issue # 40 featured an integral step in Vision’s recovery from its dismantling by the government and its rebuilt, unemotional form as seen in WandaVision.

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Hoping to deal with the anguish he encountered in his new form, Vision sought a unique form of therapy from an artificial intelligence expert. He helped stabilize their systems by integrating his deceased son’s digital brain patterns with Vision, which mirrored the same process that was done with Wonder Man’s brain patterns in their original form.

7 The Scarlet Witch was possessed by what endures in “this ancient evil”

Possessed Scarlet Witch vs. The Avengers

Wanda became a target due to her incredible abilities from various villains, which included a cult of humans that served as a parasitic organism known as That Which Endures. The cult was able to kidnap Wanda and she was possessed by That Which Endures, briefly turning her against her teammates in The Avengers.

While this story will likely not appear in the MCU directly given the nature of a villain note, it does highlight an ongoing issue with Wanda and contributed to her larger breakdown which was built into the pages of Avengers of the west coast that could also spark a showdown between Scarlet Witch and the Avengers.

6 Immortus influenced Scarlet Witch’s collapse in “Darker Than Scarlet”

Scarlet Witch and Immortus in the D

While the story “Darker than Scarlet” by Avengers of the west coast It didn’t end well, it still featured another dark twist for Wanda that followed the loss of her children and the relationship with Vision that could influence the future of the MCU. Wanda and Vision’s troubles were revealed as manipulations by Immortus (the future version of Kang the Conqueror).

He planned to take control of Wanda’s abilities to increase his own power and alter the timeline. The anticlimactic story underwent a creative team change that picked up a number of story elements, but the connection to Immortus could play a role given Kang the Conqueror’s MCU debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

5 The Young Avengers discover their connection to Wanda in the Children’s Crusade

WandaVision introduced young Billy and Tommy to the MCU as the twin children of Wanda and Vision that she created along with the city of Westview. While the twins were apparently missing, the post-credit scene sparked their survival when Wanda heard them call out to her while reading the Darkhold.

In the comics, a team known as the Young Avengers is formed that includes members Wiccan and Speed, whose origins were explored during Avengers: the children’s crusade. Wiccan and Speed ​​were revealed to be the reincarnated twin sons of Wanda Maximoff. The Young Avengers have been rumored for years, and WandaVisionThe ending makes even more fun of this possible adaptation.

4 Monica Rambeau worked alongside Captain Marvel on The Ultimates

Marvel's Ultimates

While WandaVision It only featured a few credit spikes about the series, the finale included two that offered big teases for the future of the MCU, with Scarlet Witch’s exploration of the Darkhold taking most of the focus. However, Monica Rambeau’s future was also teased when Nick Fury contacted her through a Skrull agent, who teased that she was heading into space.

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This follows Spider-Man: Far From HomeThe reveal that Nick Fury is working with the Skrulls in space, as well as the confirmation that Monica Rambeau will appear in Captain Marvel 2. While the characters have a long history, they recently worked together on The Ultimates while protecting Earth from cosmic threats, which could be Monica Rambeau’s next step in the MCU.

3 The Scarlet Witch found her multiversal twin tradition in “dark designs”

Scarlet Witch vs Lore

Wanda starred in her own comic book miniseries in the 90s that further explored the loss of her twins and her connection to the mystic known as Master Pandemonium. However, the series also featured the character of Lore, who was a multiversal version of Scarlet Witch that also existed as a nexus being. This could be related to WandaVision Nexus antidepressant commercial.

Lore used her abilities to recruit servants as Master Pandemonium and travel through dimensions in order to kill her multiverse counterparts and steal their power, similar to Agatha Harkness’s goals in WandaVision. With Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange ready to explore the Madness multiverse In his upcoming sequel, it’s possible that Lore could also make his MCU debut.

two Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch fought Dracula during “The Montesi Formula”

Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch vs Dracula in The Montesi Formula

With Scarlet Witch confirmed to appear in the next Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity, a comedic adventure featuring the two powerful magic users stands out as a possible source of adaptation given the separate announcement that Mahershala Ali will star in a Sword reboot for the MCU.

Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch previously worked together against Dracula (with Monica Rambeau briefly) during the “Montesi Formula” storyline that temporarily eradicated vampires. The twist that could affect the MCU in the future is that all exterminated vampires are destined to return after the Montesi spell is undone, which could give Blade his reason for appearing in the MCU.

1 The Scarlet Witch suffered her last breakdown and dismantled the Avengers

Scarlet vs Doctor Strange in Avengers Disassembled

One of the major implications of the events of the WandaVision The bottom line is that while he seems to have gotten over his grief over the loss of Vision and is dealing reasonably well with having to say goodbye to his children, he is still dealing with dark forces beyond his control that could have sinister repercussions for the MCU.

Wanda’s biggest breakdown in the comics occurred during the Avengers: Disassembled story after the memory of her lost children returned. Scarlet Witch caused the deaths of Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Vision before being stopped by Doctor Strange. These events would lead to her subsequent transformation of reality into House of M that partially inspired WandaVision.

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