Arkham Asylum is where many of DC’s most dangerous baddies and unfortunate souls end up. Its past may be checkered, but it is one of the few institutions with anything like a functional group of staff committed to helping every patient. While many rogue gallery members are beyond help, it’s usually the staff that end up worse than they started.

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However, Arkham Asylum remains the preferred destination for humans and metaphysicians who are too dangerous or too far away in the comic book world. What if the Marvel universe were extended to the DC universe? Which ten Marvel characters would undoubtedly find themselves behind the walls of Arkham in no time?

10 Norman Osborn does not consider the welfare of others

Norman Osborn looks at his Green Goblin mask

Spider-Man’s archenemy descended into insanity shortly after taking the formula that created his character Green Goblin, but the truth is that his path to insanity began much earlier. Osborn found common cause and kinship with fascist dictators and villains, and his penchant for megalomania was persuaded by Goblin’s personality for the whole world to see.

Norman has little regard for the welfare of others, including his own son Harry. His obsessive quest for revenge against Spider-Man was completely derailed; just another facet of his instability. Osborn would have been committed to Arkham Asylum without hesitation.

9 Bullseye makes his killer work by kicks

Bullseye prepares to kill a target

Most hit men and killers are in it for the money. Some even have a code on what constitutes a morally acceptable goal. Then there are guys like Bullseye, who don’t give a damn who they murder. They’ll be happy to do it for fun, but if they can make a little money doing it, all the better.

For that reason, Bullseye deserves a place in Arkham Asylum. His willingness to reduce people for sheer pleasure and fun is as morally reprehensible as one can get. A normal jail cell could never house such a person, which means they would probably send him to Arkham on a permanent vacation.

8 Frank Castle takes revenge too far

Frank Castle stalks criminals in the subway

Frank Castle’s story is as funny as it sounds. The man was forced to languish in agony after his family was murdered by criminals, leaving him a shattered man in a very cold world. Instead of hiding somewhere, Frank’s anger took hold of him and he became a one-man army with one goal: to slaughter criminals and villains without question.

This vigilante-style attitude may have earned him brownie points with some, but his tactics and measures were too extreme for even some of the most notorious supervillains in the Marvel universe. Frank is a deeply disturbed man with no way out of his own trauma, and the danger he poses would lead him headlong to Arkham.

7 Sabretooth acts without hesitation

Saber teeth with bloody claws

Wolverine’s enemy, Sabretooth, shares a long and sordid history with the X-Men. This hulking man-beast is driven by sheer instinct, animal rage, and bloodlust. He will kill at any moment, which is a testament to how wild the character really is.

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Sabretooth has done some vile things during his time, including (but not limited to) the assault and murder of Wolverine’s lover, Silver Fox. He was even brought to trial, where he showed no remorse for his crimes and vowed to kill again. Like Killer Croc, Sabretooth would have found a permanent cage behind the walls of Arkham.

6 Arcade has made a career out of murder

Arcade hangs in its secret lair

It is not known if Arcade is completely gone, if it is simply manipulating everyone, or if it is a combination of the two. This genius-level villain has been shown to turn to his enemies, especially when it comes to his murky past. He does not feel empathy for others.

Arcade is also no stranger to assassinations, and has made a career out of it. He has participated in a number of high-profile criminal activities, including the formation of Murderworld, a death trap machine consisting of complex lasers and holographic emitters. Like the Mad Hatter, Arcade would be a safe bet for Arkham’s roll call.

5 Moon Knight becomes a murderous vigilante

The antihero Moon Knight

The man known as Marc Spector would become the heroic Moon Knight after receiving powers from an Egyptian moon god. Although he had done much as an agent of good, his record was very spotty in some areas. At times, Spector became a murderous vigilante who crossed the line multiple times.

Spector’s mind is fragile and he suffers from multiple identity disorder that makes him an unstable superhero at best and a dangerous anti-hero at worst. Had he been caught for a span in the latter, he would be a prime candidate for an extended stay at Arkham Asylum.

4 Madcap went crazy from his trauma

Madcap with his mask on

Few characters are as unhinged as Madcap, and even he knows it. Originally a religious man, Madcap was granted a superhuman healing factor after a horrific accident that left him dumped in a pool of the chemical known as X07, created by the villain AIM.

Madcap woke up to find himself the sole survivor of the accident, with his family dead. He attempted suicide, only for his healing factor to make him invulnerable. This led Madcap down a path of mental anguish so powerful that it nearly overwhelmed Deadpool. That says a lot about his Arkham bid.

3 Cletus Kasady created Carnage

Cletus Kasady without his Carnage symbiote

Few serial killers in the Marvel Universe are as shameful and disgusting as Cletus Kasady. Like many evil people, Kasady started out young by torturing animals with power tools, before improving his game. He murdered members of his own family before taking his serial murder to a terrifying new level.

Things got exponentially worse when Kasady joined the offspring of the Venom symbiote, creating the super villain known as Carnage. With the symbiote’s greatest powers and abilities, Kasady found a new lease on life and used the creature to murder and rampage over and over again.

two Legion is controlled by several different entities within it.

Legion suffering from multiple personality disorder

Charles Xavier’s illegitimate son, David Haller, is one of the most traumatized characters in the entire Marvel universe. He also happens to be an Omega-level mutant with a unique trait: he creates multiple personalities to govern the different mutations that spontaneously occur within him.

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It’s a kind of defense mechanism, but it also contributes to David’s complete instability. Each of these personalities possesses a different power, from warping time and reality, to handling electricity and fire, and even transmuting people into salt. It is not known if Arkham Asylum could house a being of immense power, but if a mechanism were developed, that is exactly where it would go.

1 Deadpool is as wild as it comes

Deadpool waxes Shakespeare

Deadpool is the wildest of Marvel characters, and also one of the most popular. His wild nature is well above the line, but generally takes the form of the character’s trademark comedy. That is not to say that Deadpool is not dangerous. In fact, he is downright impulsive and has been shown to manipulate and mistreat those he considers friends.

The man known as Wade Wilson has a rather ambiguous past, making it difficult to pin down when or where his instability took hold. His misadventures as the Mercenary with Boca certainly didn’t help matters much. Deadpool would definitely be behind the walls of Arkham, but the question is whether it would improve or annoy all the other patients and staff members.

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