Jackass 4, another entry in the franchise about grown men risking life and limb to perform insane stunts, is on its way, and this is what we know.

Jackass 4, another entry in the franchise about grown men risking life and limb to perform insane stunts, is on the way, and this is what we know. One of the things the 2000s became known for in popular culture was the rise of reality shows and other unscripted programming to the top of the audience charts. Sure, such programs had been around before, but cool properties like Survivor Y american idol changed the television landscape. While it is not a competition show like them, MTV Donkey it had a similar purpose, allowing MTV to gain a large audience for a relatively low cost.

Directed by Johnny Knoxville, who has since branched out into acting in movies and shows, Donkey became a phenomenon, unfolding between 2000 and 2003. It also swayed a generation of fame-hungry young people to try and get similar attention by doing dangerous things, despite a disclaimer that was posted before each episode. Donkey It became so large that it spawned multiple spin-offs starring various cast members and a trilogy of theatrical films in 2002, 2006, and 2010.

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With elements like Johnny, Steve-O, and Chris Pontius now all pushing 50 years old, one could think of the days of new Donkey the content would have ended. However, that is not the case, as most of the regular gang will return later this year to Jackass 4. This is what fans can expect.

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Jackass 4 release date

Jackass movie poster

Noises of a Jackass 4 began in 2018, and Johnny Knoxville revealed that ideas for the possible sequel had already been worked out. Jackass 4 was originally scheduled for release by Paramount on March 5, 2021, but that was a few months before the Coronavirus pandemic rocked Hollywood, leading to the sequel being delayed until July 2. However, by the summer of 2020, Jackass 4 It had been delayed again, until its current release date of September 3, 2021.

Jackass 4 Cast

Bam Margera Vice Epicly Laterd

Donkey co-creator Jeff Tremaine redirects Jackass 4, while he and co-creators Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze once again serve as writers, or more accurately as designers of the various pranks and stunts to be performed. As for the casting, a long time Donkey fans will find that most of their favorites are present and accounted for, but not all. Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Jason “Wee Man” Acuña, Preston Lacy and Ehren McGhehey are ready to return. Ryan Dunn sadly died in a car accident in 2011 at the age of 34. Although surprisingly absent will be Bam Margera, who was revealed to have been expelled from the film due to reported problems with on-set behavior and maintaining his sobriety. Bam later hinted that he might be back in the fold, but Paramount has yet to officially address the matter.

Details of the history and stunts of Jackass 4

Cast of Jackass 3D

So far, little information has been released about the particular stunts and pranks that will make up Jackass 4. This is likely because Knoxville and company want to surprise fans, but thanks to a prior admission from Bam on social media, we know that shortly after filming began in December 2020, Knoxville and Steve-O were hospitalized with stunt-related injuries. . According to Bam, Knoxville and Steve-O were jumping on a treadmill running at full speed, while carrying tubas. Clearly, age has not softened the Donkey gang.

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