Fire-type Pokémon are generally considered tough, aggressive, furious, and ferocious. When thinking of the guy, most people will think of the raging Charizard, the intense Infernape, or even the majestic Moltres. In other words, pretty It’s not the word that comes to mind when you think of these flaming creatures.

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Unfortunately, Fire types can be just as cute as any other Pokémon. It’s true that this cuteness is mostly limited to the early stages and baby Pokémon, but it’s there nonetheless. And it’s about time the Fire guy broke free of stigmata and preconceived notions and lived up to his inherent cute potential.

10 Flareon

Flareon coming out of the bushes in the anime Pokémon

One of the original Eevolutions, Flareon is a Pure Fire-type covered in reddish fur. He has yellow fluff surrounding his neck and sticking out of his head in a small tuft. Its tail is large and bushy, and it has an internal flame sac that stores and heats the inhaled air which it then releases in the form of flames.

Because a fire stone is needed to turn Eevee into Flareon, this Pokémon is generally found in densely populated areas and is hardly ever seen in the wild. While not the cutest of the Evolutions, Flareon definitely ranks as one of the cutest fire types.

9 Growlithe

Pokémon Growlithe Family

Another Kanto Pokémon that also evolves when exposed to a Fire Stone, Growlithe is basically a good boy. Its beige fur, which covers its muzzle, chest, belly and tail, makes it look like a stuffed animal that comes to life. Kind and loyal, Growlithe will fearlessly defend his coach or territory from potential harm.

Growlithe has been around since the Stone Age Pokémon. He has a very good relationship with humans and will remain immobile until his trainer gives him an order. His olfactory sense is so developed that he is even able to smell people’s emotions, reacting accordingly.

8 give name

A pack of Numel in the anime Pokémon

And speaking of Pokémon that look like stuffed animals, Numel may very well be a toy from a baby’s room that has somehow become sentient. Numel looks like a dromedary camel and his cute, unassuming face can make unsuspecting trainers try to hug him.

However, this would be a serious mistake, as its hump contains magma of almost 2,200 ° F. Numel is a slow-witted Pokémon that sometimes doesn’t even realize when it has been hit. Due to its ability to carry heavy loads, it has served humans for a long time.

7 Fennekin

Pokemon Go Fennekin.png

Kalos’ fire starter, Fennekin, is a small fox-like creature. Temperamental but committed to his coach, Fennekin has a large head that may seem too large for his small frame. Two tufts of orange fur sprout from its large ears that cover the tip of its pointed and fluffy tail.

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Fennekin’s cuteness resides in his huge orange eyes and his tiny, delicate body. His white muzzle, which is in stark contrast to the rest of his yellow fur, also gives him an instantly memorable look.

6 Chimchar

Chimchar in Pokémon

Sinnoh’s fire starter, Chimchar, is a small, chimpanzee-like Pokémon. Unlike other types of fire, Chimchar can voluntarily control the flames that come out of its tail, which are fueled by gas stored within its belly. When he falls asleep, the flames go out.

Chimchar is a fan favorite Pokémon and the preferred choice of many players during their games of Sinnoh. With the recent announcement of the Gen IV remakes, Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl, fans are eager to use the Chimp Pokémon one more time.

5 Litleo

A roaring Litleo in the Pokémon anime

Another Pokémon Kalos, Litleo, and its evolution, Pyroar, are the only two monsters with the Fire / Normal-type combination. A popular Pokémon with royalty, Litleo is a warm-blooded creature with a mane that produces heat.

A naturally curious Pokémon, Litleo often starts fights. Once Litleo’s cubs are strong enough to hunt, they are driven out of the pack and must learn to survive on their own. The large, round eyes and smiling muzzle of this monster make it one of the most lovable creatures in all of Kalos. When it evolves, it abandons all trace of cuteness and instead becomes proud and regal.

4 Magby

Magby Roland's baby Pokémon

Magby, a baby Pokémon introduced in Generation II, evolves into Magmar starting at level 30, which evolves into Magmortar when swapped with a Magmarizer. They tend to drip hot embers from their mouths, which are also indications of their health.

Magby lives in volcanic areas, although some can be found living a peaceful life in cities. Magby is known to be small and shy. The Pokédex states that her blood looks like magma and her body temperature is around 1,100 ° F. Like her evolutions, Magby appeared to be based on a duck, with her beak resembling that of a rubber duck.

3 Vulpix

One of the original cute Pokémon, Vulpix is ​​a small fox-like creature. It is born with a single tail that divides as it grows. Its body houses a flame that never goes out, causing it to constantly spit fire to prevent overheating.

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Vulpix is ​​quite sneaky and cunning. It has been known to fake a wound to escape predators that are too powerful to defeat. In Alola, Vulpix has a regional shape that adapted to its snowy environment by adopting the Ice type. Apparently, he came to Alola with other humans, but withdrew into the mountains to avoid them. Both Kantonian and Alolan Vulpix evolve when exposed to a Fire and Ice Stone respectively. While the former is still Pure Fire-type, the latter becomes Ice / Fairy.

two Litwick

Split image of a group of Litwicks

Litwick, one of the cutest Pokémon ever created, is a small candle-shaped creature with a purple flame on its head. However, one should not be fooled by the sweet and innocent appearance of this Pokémon, because the truth is much darker.

A dual-type Fire / Ghost Pokémon, Litwick’s flame glows with life energy it absorbs from others. It is often intended to help people by lighting up dark areas. It is actually absorbing their life energy and taking them to the Phantom world. The more energy it absorbs, the larger its flame becomes.

1 Cyndaquil

Pokemon Cyndaquil

With its perpetually closed eyes, tiny hands, and soft cry, Cyndaquil is undoubtedly the cutest Fire-type Pokémon. Shy and fearful, Cyndaquil curls into a ball when intimidated. Due to their status as starter Pokémon, they are rare in the wild, but can sometimes be found living in grasslands.

Cyndquil fans rejoiced when the recently announced Pokémon Legends: Arceus revealed the Fire Mouse Pokémon as one of three possible headlines in the game, bringing a well-deserved spotlight to this underrated Pokémon.

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