There is a new warrior princess in town and her name is Raya. The latest film from The Walt Disney Animated Studio Raya and the last dragon just launched on Disney + and is already on its way to becoming a Disney animated classic. The film follows Raya, the daughter of the Chief of the Heart, who has been tasked with tracking down Sisu, a dragon who could save her world from the evil Druun.

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As with all Disney animated films, there are a lot of characters. While some fill the typical Disney animal companion box, others are there to provide the audience with comic relief. From badass warriors and scam babies to sentient dragons and young chefs, Raya and the last dragon has a pretty eccentric lineup of characters that fans are already in love with.

10 Dang hu

Dang Hu walking with Sisu in human form

The Druun could be the villain in this story, but since he’s more of a force of nature than a character, Dang Hu wins the award for being the most hated human character in the movie.

Dang Hu (Lucille Soong) is the head of Talon Land, a floating city that has thrived since the Drunn fear water. Dang Hu may seem like a harmless old woman, but she is as sinister as she seems. In fact, she is the only one who used the Druun to her advantage by locking the intruders in a room with Druun to turn them to stone.

9 Virana

Virana holding her staff with the magic gem piece

Virana (Sandra Oh) is another antagonist from Raya’s story who definitely has some selfish and evil tendencies. She is the ruler of the land of Tung, the fiercest of all the ancient lands of Kumandra. And she’s also responsible for Druun’s return in the first place.

Virana is very much a puppeteer-type villain in Raya, as she’s never the one doing the dirty work. Instead, he sends his daughter, Namarri, to fight his battles for her. What really made fans hate Virana is the fact that she could have helped save their world earlier if she hadn’t been afraid that the other lands would hate Tung for what they had done.

8 Namaari

Namaari backed by his army ready to fight

Namaari (Gemma Chan) may be Virana’s daughter, but she is much more complex and nuanced than her mother. While there is no doubt that he played an important role in the Druun’s return, Namaari shows great remorse at times for his mistakes.

Namaari is definitely Raya’s main antagonist, and the two clash more times than anyone can count. However, underneath that tough exterior is a girl who doesn’t know what’s the right thing to do. On the one hand, he wants to make his mother proud and keep the people of Tung safe, but on the other hand, he wants to see their worlds reunited, especially after learning that Sisu has returned. In the end, Namaari manages to redeem himself in the best possible way, but that does not mean that everything is forgiven.

7 Tuk tuk

Tuk tuk eating food

Every Disney princess needs a cute companion, even if she’s a warrior on her own, which is where Tuk Tuk (Alan Tudyk) comes in. A mix of armadillo and bug, Tuk Tuk has been Raya’s faithful companion for over six years. years now, and it’s not going anywhere.

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Raya puts Tuk Tuk to use, making him his personal steed as he can roll into a ball and carry it from place to place. As well as helping her get around, Tuk Tuk is only there to keep Raya company and make the audience spin because of how adorable he is.

6 Little Nui

Little Nui looks adorable

Little Nui (Thalia Tran) may look adorable, but don’t let her soft baby cheeks fool you, little Nui is just as fierce as Raya. In fact, she uses her cuteness to deceive the people of Talon Lan with her goods. He even manages to scam Raya at first.

After befriending Raya, Little Nui uses her scam powers forever, helping Raya and Sisu collect all the gems they need. Audiences also learn that she has lost her mother to the Druun, making her an attractive character that audiences want to support, despite all the downsides.

5 Gripper

Tong looking menacing

Tong (Benedict Wong) may seem like a basic Disney villain, but he’s just the opposite. In fact, it’s actually just a giant teddy bear.

Raya meets Tong while trying to obtain the gem from the land of Spine and discovers that he is the last surviving member of Spine. At first, he is cynical about Raya’s plan, but the idea of ​​being able to reunite with his daughter is what convinces him to help Raya. Not only is Tong a fierce warrior, he also makes an excellent father figure to Little Nui, Boun, and even Raya as they travel from land to land.

4 Chief Benja

Chief Benja with a young Raya

Cheif Benja (Daniel Dae Kim) may not be physically present throughout the movie, but he plays a huge role in it. Not only is he the Chief of the Heart who believes he can unite the lands in Kumandra once again, but he is also Raya’s father and helped teach him everything he knows.

Cheif Benja really sees the good in everyone and believes that everyone can be united. Unfortunately, his optimism and kindness are taken for granted, and he becomes a victim of the Druun after the magical Dragon Gem is broken. However, he uses his last moments to save Raya and remind her that he loves her, sacrificing himself so that she can live and one day reunite the lands.

3 Bounce

Boun talking to Raya

Every Disney movie needs a comic relief character, but not all comic relief characters end up being loved by Disney fans. However, Boun is not only fun, but also healthy.

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After losing his family to the Druuns, 10-year-old Boun (Izaac Wang) lives on a ship that he has turned into “Shrimporium”, a restaurant on the outskirts of Tail Land. Boun not only keeps Raya and his misfit group of stragglers fed, but he also plays a key role in destroying the Druun at the end of the film.

two Contents

Sisu holding one of the gems like a dragon.

Sisu (Awkwafina) is not your typical dragon, he is much better. Sisu is a young water dragon who helped defeat the Druun for the first time after her four older brothers trusted her to do the job. After that, she disappeared, that is, until Raya located her and brought her back to life.

Now Sisu must deal with the harsh reality that he has been gone for 500 years and has only returned because the Druun is back. Sisu is not only beautiful, funny and has a heart of gold, but she is also extremely easy to identify as she suffers from “impostor syndrome”. In the end, Sisu teaches Raya the most valuable lesson of all: trust in others.

1 Stripe

Raya and the Last Dragon Trailer

It’s only fair that Raya is the most beloved character in Raya and the last dragon, since she is the main character. However, that does not mean that it is without flaws. In fact, part of Raya’s appeal is that he is a complex character with flaws that he must learn from.

At first, Raya is a fierce and tough warrior who will do anything to defend the Dragon Stone. After disaster strikes, Raya turns inward, becomes cynical of those around her, and decides to track Sisu on her own. Along the way, Raya learns the power of friends, trust, forgiveness, and why giving in to your anger isn’t always the right solution. She will definitely go down in history as one of the greatest Disney princesses of all time.

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