In the world of Heroes Reborn, Red Skull has taken control of a Venom symbiote, creating the truly hideous mashup of Black Skull!

Marvel’s Next Heroes reborn The event promises some shocking new status quos for its heroes and villains, and none can be more surprising and terrifying than the Red Skull link with Poison symbiote. This new villain, named Black Skull, is featured in a special variant cover for Captain America # 29 by artist Carlos Pacheco.

In the world of Heroes reborn, someone has altered reality so that the Avengers never existed: Thor was never worthy enough to lift the hammer and Captain America remains frozen in ice. In the absence of Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Supreme Squad has taken their place as Earth’s champions. Even more intriguing are the mash-ups that exist in this new world, like Doctor Doom and Juggernaut. Marvel is shedding light on some of these new characters in a series of variant covers in its April titles.

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The cover, titled “The Poison Skull,”It shows the Black Skull in all its hideous splendor. Dressed in a black and red symbiote suit complete with a distorted skull logo and flanked by dark-clad HYRDA agents, the Black Skull is ready for battle and ready to crush the Supreme Squad. Symbiotes can have a grotesque appearance, and Black Skull is no different – he has Venom’s claws and fangs mixed in with Red Skull’s head. It all goes a long way to creating a sense of dread and unease.

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Marvel is silent on how the Black Skull came to be, so the main question this cover raises is: how did Skull get a symbiote in the first place? Peter Parker never became Spider-Man in this universe, so what brought the symbiote to Earth? Could he have been attached to another being and the Skull killed them and took him away? A symbiote is a potential weapon, so will Black Skull attempt to link his HYDRA subordinates with symbiotes and create an unstoppable army to fight the Supreme Squad? Whatever the case, a murderous fascist like the Red Skull controlling a Venom symbiote is a terrifying thought. It takes a truly despicable villain and makes him even more powerful.

The world of Heroes reborn promises a bold new Marvel Universe, with new twists on existing characters, and Black Skull may be one of the most notable. Readers have seen the destructive power of symbiotes in Poison and especially in The king in black, then the idea of ​​a genocidal despot like Red Skull Controlling one will make you one of the main villains of this new Earth. The issue, written by Ta’Neshi Coates with art by Leonard Kirk, will be available in stores and on all digital comic platforms on April, 2021.

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