Syfy’s Newest Scripted Series Alien resident borrows from a variety of genres to keep audiences enthralled. So far, mystery and sci-fi comedy have impressed audiences and viewers alike, almost across the board.

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The show revolves around an alien who crashed on Earth while trying to execute his mission. Then he must integrate by assuming the identity of the only doctor left in town (played by Alan Tudyk). But his “quiet” existence is not easy, as he must still conceal the whereabouts of the original doctor’s corpse.

Those wary of adding another show to their growing list of television must-sees will need a push, but Alien residentThe collection of laughs, twists and turns, and poignant experiences are more than enough when you consider looking.

10 The alien mission

Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle and alien in Resident Alien episode 1

One of the stipulations of the show is that the audience initially believes that the main character’s mission is simple; He crashes on Earth and must find the wreckage of his ship before it’s too late. But it proves to be much more. You need to search for a special device, which, in turn, reveals its true purpose.

It was meant to detonate the device and destroy the entire human race. The character is alarmingly distant despite living among people and learning everything about them.

9 The little twists

Montage of the alien family in episode 4 of Resident Alien

The show is easy to watch, but it does have some nice little twists here and there. They are delivered very well in a way that makes fans gasp or chuckle when they happen out of nowhere or nonchalantly. Like the sudden introduction of the alien accidentally killing the human posing as.

There’s even the reveal of learning how he plans to destroy all humans like it’s a simple household chore. Or how the foot of the human he killed suddenly appeared after being caught by a local fisherman. These little twists in the story make the viewing experience unpredictable.

8 Based on a comic

Resident Alien Comic

Whenever a show is based on a comic, there are some expectations. The original series was created by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse and published by Dark Horse Comics. Since then, the miniseries has been a favorite with fans and readers. Many have even praised the creators for their ability to draw facial expressions.

The show follows a format similar to the comics; An alien lands on Earth on a secret mission while posing as a doctor. But what is different is that he is involved in murder mysteries while possibly being hunted by a secret organization. Quite a few adjustments were made from the original material.

7 The element of the murder mystery

Harry investigates murder episode 1 of Resident Alien

So far, the show has featured a main murder, in addition to the one of the doctor, the main character is posing as. As he is the only doctor left in town, the mayor asks him to help solve the possible murder of his only doctor in town. At first, he believes it is suicide due to the circumstances of the injuries.

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But he soon realizes that he was trying to get a tracheostomy so he could breathe; then deduces that he was probably poisoned. Interestingly, the case does not go much further. Then switch to the police finding the alien’s doctor’s amputated foot in the lake and conducting an investigation. Since the history of the comics is all about solving murders, fans can only hope for more of this on the show.

6 The city cops

Mike Thompson and Deputy Sheriff Liv Baker in Resident Alien

The show plays with many fun little town dynamics; one of them is the local police. With so little law enforcement, Alien resident it focuses more on the sheriff and his deputy. The sheriff is not the smartest when it comes to his skills in police work, but since they live in such a small town, he actually expects some fascinating action.

So when an amputated foot is found in the lake, Sheriff Thompson does his best to search the lake for days, from morning to night. There to counter his character is his assistant, who may seem naive and sweet, but has the knack of being a great detective. She is the one who deduces that the rest of the body probably floated on land due to its weight and the change of tide. This is true, but the sheriff does not believe him.

5 The twist of the child

Hah R and Max Hawthorne in Resident Alien episode 1

It’s unlucky for an alien to land in the only city that has 1% humans who can see past its disguise. The main character can change his body and appearance to another human of his choice. To anyone else, it looks human. But soon the only person in town who can see his alien form is introduced to the public.

It just so happens that he is the mayor’s son. The alien explains that it almost never happens, as it is a small percentage. This leads the boy to try to present him as an alien while his parents and the city begin to think that he is lying. It leads to comical inner thoughts on the part of the alien who wishes to keep him quiet by any means necessary.

4 Interpersonal lives

Asta and Harry in Resident Alien episode 5

Since the show takes place in a small town, the character’s personal life will surely come to light; adds a nice touch of humanity. He slowly has an impact on the alien character as he befriends the former assistant to the original city doctor.

The public learns that Asta was in an abusive relationship with her high school boyfriend, got pregnant at a young age, and ultimately had to give up the baby. There is also the sheriff’s father who disapproves of and blames him for the death of his son. Audiences even watch parenting struggles with the mayor and his wife.

3 Character evolution

Harry with Asta's grandmother in Resident Alien episode 4

The show has just started, but there is already a decent amount of character evolution. Captain Hah Re (Alan Tudyk) has no choice but to adjust to life on Earth because he is posing as Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle. At first, he might care less about humans and understand why his kind think humans are useless.

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But over time, he begins to realize why humans do what they like to sit in dining rooms and meet with family. He sees that humans have an innate need to feel loved and wanted. Hah Re begins to get used to certain ideas of what it means to be human, but at the same time, he returns to his crude and dry way of thinking.

two Witty and direct humor

Harry playing with a brain in Resident Alien episode 1

The main character is an alien, so his empathy for humans doesn’t exactly exist yet. Hence why the show is so comical. He has no filter and often makes witty or offensive comments. When he hears about the dead city doctor, he actually says that he is amazing and that he is completely unaware of the feelings of others.

He even says it’s like Law and mimics the “cun cun” sound of the main song. In one episode, he even tries to convince parents to circumcise their baby by asking if they want their newborn to contract an STD. His favorite catchphrase is also “This sucks.” He is a strange character who will make the audience laugh.

1 Alan Tudyk in the lead role

Alan Tudyk as Harry with a knife in Resident Alien episode 3

Casting Alan Tudyk for the lead role was a good choice. Tudyk rose to fame as Hoban “Wash” Washburne on the hit series Firefly. What makes the actor so suitable for the role is his portrayal of the character on screen. It could be your somewhat unique look or your tight-lipped smile; almost feels like an alien.

Beyond that, Tudyk’s delivery of his lines on this show works perfectly in tune with an alien character trying to pose as a human. His tone is somewhat devoid of normal human emotion or compassion, and he is able to convince the audience of a character who is still learning, but at the same time, does not care.

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