“Big Rach” is back on IG after a brief hiatus due to intense bullying. Have fans finally got the message that online bullying is unacceptable?

Times have been tough lately in The Bachelor franchise. Racial issues and calculations have rocked the Bachelor Nation, and many of the show’s alumni are enduring the brunt of the fan reaction. Former single Rachel Lindsay deactivated her Instagram account after being bombarded with hate attacks. But Rachel recently found new inspiration and has returned to Instagram, much to the delight of her followers and her fellow Bachelor Nation partner.

Rachel is a stubborn and outspoken member of the Bachelor Nation who over the years has driven greater diversity and progress in the franchise. He recently held the series and host Chris Harrison responsible for the racist actions of one of the current contestants, and as a result, his social media accounts were flooded with cruel and hateful messages. Chris Harrison has since apologized for what he said in his interview, but Rachel decided to stop using Instagram for a while.

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The former single left Instagram at the end of February and hasn’t been active until Saturday. Rachel posted a photo of sunflowers in a vase, captioned with the quote, “‘I want to be like a sunflower so that, even on the darkest days, I can stand upright and find the sunlight.'” Her return and her re-posting are a sign that Rachel will continue to fight and maintain her strength, even in the face of the hate she has received.

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Although Rachel has received horrible messages, she still has a huge following, and her Bachelor Nation friends were quick to fill her comments with love. Single partner Becca Kufrin said: “I love you very much and that beautiful and fiery spirit. “ Various contestants from Matt Jame’s season of The Bachelor They also sent their good wishes, including bachelorette hope Katie Thurston, Chelsea Vaughn, Pieper James, Jessenia Cruz, and Catalina Morales.

Rachel is not alone in the hate she has received, and it is important that other members of the Bachelor Nation stand up for her and others who are being bullied. Former single JoJo Fletcher posted her support for Rachel because “the horrible bullying that is taking place is terrible and unacceptable.Several alumni of the franchise have expressed concern about the level of harassment on social media and many have called for the intensity to be reduced.

Online harassment has become a major problem for The Bachelor former franchise student and reality TV stars in general. But the more Bachelor Nation members pay attention to the topic, the more fans will start to get the message that the contestants they see on screen are people too. Fans are happy that Rachel is finally back on Instagram and hope she never feels like she has to leave again.

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Source: Rachel Lindsay / Instagram

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