South Park is one of the most popular adult cartoons to ever appear on television screens. This is still the case, even with more than twenty years. One of the main reasons for its success is the strong connection between the show’s core group of friends. Of course, it consists of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. The series also focuses on many other elements, as its attention seems to be on Randy most of the time at this juncture. This is definitely fun to watch, but the series needs to put more emphasis on the original group.

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That being said, it would be intriguing if they decide to bring in a new member. They have experimented with this in past seasons, but it seems like it will never last. However, given the fact that there are a lot of supporting characters who deserve bigger roles, we are still hopeful that a new series staple will manifest.

10 Butters

Butters dancing with the group

Butters is essentially the fifth friend of this group, as he often participates in their adventures. However, he is never actually seen at the iconic bus stop with them, so the show could choose to expand his role with them.

Butters is one of the most popular characters in the series, allowing him to fit in well with them. Although it is often Cartman’s punching bag, it is definitely well liked by them and deserves a permanent place in the group.

9 Jimmy

Jimmy makes fish sticks prank with Cartman

Jimmy is an interesting candidate to approach them. He’s definitely one of the funniest characters in the series, as he’s an aspiring stand-up comedian. This has the potential to provide even more hilarious moments.

Jimmy definitely spends a lot of time with them too, so a stronger friendship between them is not out of the question. He’s also quite nice, which is certainly an important quality for any friend.

8 Scott

Scott Malkinson fighting in the console wars

In terms of potential comedy, Scott would make a fun addition to this group of friends. He is definitely someone that fans enjoy watching, as his dialogue is great.

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His role in the series is also slowly growing. It is clear that he does not seem to have a permanent place in any group of friends, so he could very well be welcomed by Stan, Cartman and company. However, like Butters, you are likely to experience a lot of confusion in the process, specifically from Cartman.

7 Craig

Craig of South Park in battle.

Craig is a character who definitely has what it takes to be a good friend and a key component of the series. Although he and the group are rivals in previous seasons, it seems that today it is no longer like that. Thus, a potential friendship could blossom.

Craig isn’t necessarily the most eccentric of characters, but that’s not a bad thing. His measured personality could work well, as he probably wouldn’t have a problem handling Cartman. Also, it could be another voice of reason for them.

6 Tweek

Tweek playing the piano being scared

Tweek is a short-term member of the group in previous episodes who once served as Kenny’s replacement. Therefore, you will likely be able to work well with them again. Her character has also gained popularity in recent years, as her relationship with Craig is loved by fans.

Tweek is a fun character, overall, so fans would appreciate expanding his role on the series again. He’s a sweet character who has the potential to provide a different tone to the group, and would likely serve as a satisfying change of pace for the show’s main four.

5 Symbolic

Token and Kenny dressed as superheroes

Token is definitely a character that could work well with the group. He has his moments of being quite funny, but more importantly, he’s an overall much nicer character than any of the main group members on the show.

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The main concern about him joining the group is Cartman’s past treatment of him, although Cartman has a rough past with almost everyone. South Park character. Token seems to relate well to the other three, but Cartman creates an obstacle. If this can be fixed, Token has all the tools to be a spectacular friend to them.

4 Clyde

Clyde and the group at his birthday party.

Clyde is definitely a character who makes sense to join the group. He’s been on the show since the beginning, so he clearly knows them all well at this stage. He is definitely a fun character who provides a lot of entertainment when he has stories.

It could be a fun addition to the group as it would allow fans to learn more about him. He seems to be a complicated character who has a bigger story behind him. He is also quite similar to the rest of the guys.

3 Sleep

Kip Drody sad because he has no friends

Kip is a character who has no friends, and it is quite sad to see him. It definitely negatively impacts her happiness in her only episode. It would be nice to see him have a happy ending and get closer to the group.

Kip and Kyle have a connection, albeit via Facebook, but perhaps it could work well in the real world as well. Kip could definitely benefit from having them as friends, as it would allow him to recognize that he is important. Plus, it has the potential to have even better stories. That said, it’s been quite a while since we last saw him.

two Towelie

Towelie and Cartman arguing

Towelie is a character that polarizes fans, as they either love her or dislike her. However, there is no denying the fact that he has spent a lot of time with the group. They even show that they like him when he’s around too.

Therefore, becoming the fifth friend of the group makes a lot of sense at the end of the day. I would also provide the series to enable you to be more than a frequent smoking towel. It would be nice if his character had real substance.

1 Ike

Ike from South Park in therapist

Ike is Kyle’s brother, so he spends a lot of time with the group as a result of this. Although he is younger, he has shown that he has a strong understanding of mature subjects, so he could be a good fit for them.

Plus, Ike is just a fun character who deserves a much bigger role in the series. Every time he’s on screen, he never fails to make fans laugh. It may not seem like an obvious fit, but South ParkThe creators have made much weirder situations work in the past.

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