The Mandalorian brought Boba Fett back to Star Wars, but how exactly did he escape from the Well of Sarlacc?

Boba Fett’s appearance in the second season of The mandalorian raises many questions about his survival after falling into the mouth of the Sarlacc on Tatooine in Return of the Jedi. Rather than being slowly digested over a thousand years, Fett appears scarred, but very alive, complete, and dangerous as ever.

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Boba Fett is the deadliest bounty hunter in the galaxy. He’s resourceful, determined, and a walking Swiss Army knife of useful weaponry and tools. Actually, it may be the Inspector Gadget of the Star Wars universe. So how did it survive and escape from the creature’s mouth and Carkoon Pit?

10 Worked with (or used) other victims to escape

In Legends of Star Wars boba fett he was trapped with another victim inside the Sarlacc. With their help, Fett freed himself from the creature’s tentacles and opened an escape hatch in the side of its mouth with grenades. In Return of the Jedi, The Sarlacc swallowed three others before Fett, so he definitely had a team to work with there. With their leadership and experience, they could have worked together, pooled their resources, their brainpower to come up with a smart plan. Or maybe he sacrificed them to find a way out, using them as an explosive shield while blasting a hole in the Sarlacc with a thermal detonator.

9 Between Raiders helped him

The Tusken Raiders were indigenous to Tatooine. They knew how to survive their harsh desert climate and predators. Their knowledge of the krayt dragon made them an integral part of Din Djarin and Cobb Vanth’s plan to kill him in The mandalorian first episode of the second season, “The Marshal”. Perhaps the nomads have a method to pacify and safely enter the Sarlacc’s mouth to rescue the team from its victims. Boba Fett could have convinced them to help him. After all, he wears the signature Tusken Raiders gaffi stick on The mandalorian and clearly knows how to use it.

8 He used the corpses of the other victims to get out

Getting out of the Sarlacc’s mouth would require unconventional thinking. Survival often means making use of everything around him, and most likely what was around Fett in the Sarlacc’s stomach were half-digested corpses.

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While this would be gruesome and possibly traumatic for normal people, the veteran bounty hunter would have no problem using corpses to build scaffolding, a ladder, or even a shock absorber between himself and the rows of sharp teeth as he exited the Sarlacc’s mouth.

7 He flew using his Jet Pack

Boba Fett in The Mandalorian: The Tragedy

Although his thruster failed when Han Solo accidentally hit him with the vibro-ax, the damage would probably not be significant. He could have waited patiently for the Sarlacc to open its mouth and shoot out. The tentacles inside the Sarlacc’s stomach are unlikely to be able to hold against something with enough force and heat to lift an armored adult male and carry him to the gills of the ground. The damage inside from the flames and exhaust gases would likely make the Sarlacc think twice before swallowing the fully armed bounty hunters again.

6 He used Slave 1 to bombard the Sarlacc and get out himself

the Mandalorian demonstrates the strong attachment bounty hunters have to their ships. After all, these are essentially their homes and a place to store carbonite rewards until they can be left for processing. Boba Fett’s Slave 1 is a Firespray-31 class strike and patrol ship, which means she’s just as well armed and versatile as he is. In a galaxy with self-aware droids and lightsabers, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for Slave 1 to have remote capabilities. Fett could have made the ship fly to his location and just bombard the Sarlacc and take it out when he opened his mouth to protest.

5 Cooked it from the inside

Boba Fett Comics

Among the many weapons that Boba Fett had when he was swallowed by the Sarlacc was the ZX miniature flamethrower on his wrist, the same flamethrower that his father, Jango Fett, used during the Battle of Geonosis in Attack of the clones. Fett could have barbecued the meaty interior of the Sarlacc and cut a hole in the well and found a way out from there. The flames probably wouldn’t kill the Sarlacc, but the indigestion it would cause would make it very uncomfortable.

4 Used the force to jump

Boba Fett Comic

Perhaps Disney’s Lucasfilm has done the unexpected and turned Boba Fett into a force user. This is highly unlikely, but that he is capable of the same feats and has the same powers as the Jedi responsible for his father’s death would add an intriguing internal conflict to the character. If he was a force user, it would give him a definite advantage to escape. Any number of force powers would be helpful, from calming the Sarlacc to simply opening its mouth and forcing the jump.

3 He used his grappling hook to make him throw up

Boba Fett’s arsenal included a grappling hook on his wrist, which he used to tie up Luke Skywalker just before Han Solo accidentally hit him on Jabba’s pleasure barge. This would be a versatile piece of equipment to have in situations like being swallowed by a Sarlacc.

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If the Sarlacc can swallow, then it has a gag reflex. Boba Fett could have used the grappling hook to shoot him in the back of his throat, pulling him until he choked, and then riding the wave of vomit back to sweet freedom.

two He used a lightsaber to make his way

As far-fetched as that sounds Boba Fett with a lightsaber, he used a lightsaber in a duel with Darth Vader in Legends of Star Wars. In Dark Horse’s Star Wars Tales # 18 By Jason Hall, Stewart McKenny, John Wycough, Dave Nestelle, and Steve Dutro, there is a scene showing four lightsabers in a glass case in his apartment. He could easily have had one with him in case of emergencies, which makes sense since some of his rewards would likely be Jedi exiles after the initiation of Order 66. With a lightsaber, he could have easily cut his way out of the Sarlacc. .

1 He grabbed something before he fell

Boba Fett and Sarlaac in exchange for the Jedi

Boba Fett may have been able to grab something down his throat before being completely swallowed. Whether with his grappling hook, a vibroblade, or just his bare hands, Fett had the steely composure and quick reflexes to grab onto something at the last minute. From there it would simply be a case of flying with the jet pack, using the grappling hook, or even physically exiting.

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