The WandaVision finale saw Vision vs White Vision, confirming exactly how powerful SWORD’s version of the synth is without the Mind Stone.

WandaVisionThe ending confirmed exactly how powerful Vision, or White Vision as it has been renamed, is without the Mind Stone. After being revived by SWORD and his stone replaced by a yet unexplained blue substitute, the issue of Vision’s power set was an important part of the preparation leading up to the end. Vision had always been tied to the Mind Stone, even after its resurgence within Westview, so removing what would be left if it was successfully removed was compelling.

Vision and the Mind Stone were even part of Infinity warThe story while the synth was pondering what might happen if Shuri managed to remove the Stone, although the answer was impossible. And later WandaVision Vision confronts White Vision to reflect on the reality of their shared existence using the clever analogy of Theseus’s Ship. The bottom line was that Vision wasn’t really either, even though they both possessed significant parts of the original, but more importantly, White Vision reclaimed its own identity after a battle that proved it to be the same as the original in every way.

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The episode confirmed that despite the Mind Stone’s destruction, SWORD had somehow been able to rebuild Vision without compromising the abilities it had displayed since its debut. It could pass through solid materials, it could shoot energy from its mysterious forehead stone, it could fly, and it was super strong and fast. If he had lost anything to the Mind Stone, it was the flaws that made him emotional and human and that had compromised his powers from Civil War onward. The truth, after all, is that Wanda was always Vision’s weakness and her revival removed that as a concern, at least temporarily.

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White Vision WandaVision Eyes

It is unclear if White Vision’s powers will remain the same now that he has regained his memory. After his encounter with Vision, White Vision fled Westview without helping Wanda, suggesting that something has changed, but rediscovering his true identity surely means rediscovering his emotional ties. Perhaps it was his fear that made him run away? Perhaps it was something that speaks of a commitment to who he once was and a suggestion that he will not be who he was without the Stone. As Bruce Banner said, Vision’s mind was a complex mix of all its creators and the Stone – without one part, it’s still a mix of others, but there may be a different balance. And that can also affect his powers just as his love for Wanda seemed to weaken or compromise him.

As for the question of how he was so similarly powerful after his rebirth: the MCU had already set that precedent. The Stone, after all, was not absorbed by Wanda when initially powered by Hydra, it simply changed something in her (perhaps amplifying the existing powers of the future Scarlet Witch). While Vision’s relationship with the Stone was more symbiotic, its impact on his body was the same as Wanda’s and like the Tesseract in Captain Marvel – it was a change that held even when the Stone was no longer in play. . If White Vision returns as Avenger later WandaVisionHe might as well be as powerful as he ever was, even if he needs to be brought back to who he was, and that would make him a powerful ally to whatever the Avengers team is in Phase 4 and beyond.

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