How is it that Lisa once formed her own version of Birds of Prey Springfield, with several Springfield kids taking on DC-inspired roles?

The Simpsons They have poked fun at most corners of pop culture, creating loving (and sometimes not so much) tributes to other concepts and characters. This extends to superheroes, and the characters are used in animation and comics to joke about the genre. This extends to specific groups and characters, including a unique version of a DC team that helped populate Springfield with more young heroes.

How did Lisa once assemble a group of Springfield kids to form her own version of DC’s superhero team, Birds of Prey?

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In the DC Universe, Birds of Prey are a distinct and female-centric team of superheroes. Often led by Barbara Gordon, especially during her time as Oracle, the Birds of Prey quickly proved to be a skilled and impressive team in their own right. They even finally got their own parody of The Simpsons – specifically on the pages of Bongo Comics presents super spectacular Simpsons, a series that used the characters to parody various elements of superhero storytelling. The series introduced multiple different superpowered versions of The Simpsons, including a multiverse of multiple heroic incarnations of characters like Bart. One of the most notable was Bartman, a device-based hero who works to protect his Springfield from all manner of threats.

Bartman ended up needing serious endorsement in the Ian Boothby, James Lloyd, Andrew Pepoy, Art Villanueva and Karen Bates story “Nerds of Prey.” Simpsons Super Spectacular #fifteen. When Lisa discovered that Bartman had been kidnapped by Cat Lady Woman, she was tasked with saving her brother. But still suffering from an ankle injury, Lisa decides to recruit other young heroines from all over Springfield to help her comb the streets. To hide her identity, and Bart’s as a result, Lisa quickly dons a red wig and pair of glasses, making her a sign of death for Barabara Gordon, also known as Oracle.

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Lisa’s call is quickly answered by four girls in Springfield: Bart’s former love interest Jessica Lovejoy becomes Badgirl, sarcastic twins Sherri and Terri become the Wonderful Twins, and Rainer Wolfcastle’s daughter Greta, assumes the role of Powersauce Girl at the insistence of her father. , so they can earn advertising money from your promotional team. Effectively becoming the Simpsons versions of Huntress, Wonder Twins, and Power Girl respectively, the four heroines work with Lisa to try to locate Bart. Finally, upon finding the Cat Lady Woman at the base of their warehouse, the quartet is able to distract their army of cats and even get close to saving Bartman on their own.

However, when faced with a huge tiger, the group is saved by the arrival of Martin Prince, who has become the Noir Nightingale, the Black Canary of this world. She even possesses a high-pitched girlish cry so powerful that she can knock out a tiger with a single shot. In the end, the group succeeds, but Bad Girl allows Bartman to fall into a massive cat litter trap when he insults the fact that he was saved by a group of girls, saving his life but leaving him smelling horrible. The problem suggests that the group could return in the future, and although Simpsons Super Spectacular finished just an issue later, it could present the franchise with a template that could be a fun way to poke fun at Birds of Prey as a concept, especially after the release of the successful film adaptation of the concept last year. Birds of Prey: Emancipation of a Harley Quinn.

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