Blackthorne is one of Blizzard’s most underrated titles, and it’s time for it to resurrect Blackthorne for next-gen consoles.

Blizzard recently announced that it will dive into its vast video game library to remaster some of its beloved titles. While the remasters are great, die-hard Blizzard fans would love to see the company step up and remake some of its lesser-known titles. Blizzard’s underrated action platformer Blackthorne It would be a perfect fit in today’s fast-paced gaming world.

Blackthorne is a narrative-heavy 1994 sci-fi adventure that was light years ahead of its time, utilizing a host of innovative gameplay mechanics that many games still employ to this day. Follow a young hero named Kyle as he tries to save his home planet from Tuul de Sarlac, an evil overlord who has enslaved the planet’s inhabitants. After spending 20 years away from his turbulent home world, Kyle returns to Tuul to save his people from the Sarlac government and bring peace to the planet once again.

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One of BlackthorneThe most innovative game mechanic is its unique cover system. Players can hide behind walls to avoid incoming enemy fire. Although the feature was incredibly innovative at the time, it didn’t age as well due to its 2D graphics limitations. A next-gen remake could bring Blackthorne into the 3D realm while modernizing your outdated cover system. Third-person cover shooters have come a long way since Blackthorne, and are now among the top games in the industry. A next-gen remake could benefit from the best modern technology Blizzard has to offer.

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Blackthorne it also has an incredibly deep history that encompasses almost every aspect of Tuul and its complex civilization. Unfortunately, Blizzard couldn’t explain everything due to the SNES’s limited storage space. The players had to turn to the beefy ones 37 page manual if they wanted the full story. A modern Blackthorne could bring Blizzard’s original vision to life, giving fans more insight into Tuul and his complex history than was previously possible.

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The vast amount of history hidden in BlackthorneThe user manual is too important for a new hypothetical version to ignore. There is so much material that Blizzard could make a whole universe using the Blackthorne myths. A modern reinvention could highlight everything that couldn’t fit on the SNES wagon, giving fans an incredible amount of lore to sink their teeth into.

It’s a bit shocking that Blackthorne now resides in the dark corners of the industry. Although it has its fair share of die-hard fans, the vast majority of gamers are unfamiliar with Blizzard’s groundbreaking action platformer. A modern reinvention or a new entry could get you this long-deserved game. Although the possibilities of Blackthorne Returning to next-gen consoles are rare, stranger things have happened in the video game industry.

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