90 Day Fiancé star Rebecca Parrott has shared her 50th birthday makeover with fans. But what was Zied Hakimi’s fiancée like when she was younger?

90 day fiancé Star Rebecca Parrott is involved in one of the biggest age gaps on the show. At 22 years older than her Tunisian fiance Zied Hakimi, the American grandmother’s relationship has stood out among fans. Rebecca revealed her recent 50th birthday makeover that included a new hair and a filling of her lips. The 50-year-old has also undergone weight loss procedures to maintain a youthful appearance more like her partner’s. However, fans were surprised to see how Rebecca actually looked when she was closer to Zied’s age.

The hit TLC show has featured dozens of couples with vast age gaps. However, most of these relationships seem doomed from the start. For example, fans have noted that older Rebecca clearly feels insecure about her age gap with Zied. The grandmother was memorably scared after a younger woman offered to help him move, and subsequently forbade Zied to accept any woman’s help. Fans have noted that Rebecca seems out of place when it comes to her relationship with Zied. Although many consider her an attractive woman, viewers do not believe that the jealous grandmother should be with her favorite fan partner.

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Fans were recently surprised to find out what a much younger Rebecca looked like. TO rewarding shared a photo of Rebecca taken many decades ago. The picture shows an apparently teenage Rebecca showing off her long, slim legs in jeans. Fans were quick to react to the strong ’80s vibes that the recoil shot gives off. “Straight from a john [Hughes] film“Reads a well-received comment. Commenters shared that young Rebecca looks like popular ’80s actresses Ally Sheedy, while others think the Georgia native looks more like fellow Brat Pack star Molly Ringwald .

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While Rebecca has been called in for her extreme photo editing after Zied memorably arrived at the airport with a Photoshopped photo of her on his shirt, fans were blown away by her younger photo. “Who knew Rebigga had legs for days?“One fan commented as others quickly debated his height. Others couldn’t help but poke fun at his age difference with Zied, which Rebecca often draws attention to. Some wondered if he was the age of Zied in the photo, while others they congratulated her. “She looks good! Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I think it still looks good. Yes, she doesn’t look like a 25-year-old, but she’s definitely not ugly and she doesn’t look older than she is.“wrote a supportive fan.

While many fans agree that Rebecca is attractive, her relationship with Zied is still in question. Many fans adore the good-natured Zied and don’t think Rebecca’s jealous nature is healthy. Additionally, viewers were surprised that Zied agreed to become an 8-year-old grandfather at the age of 27, as well as the fact that this will be Rebecca’s fourth marriage. Therefore, it is not Rebecca’s current age that 90 day fiancé fans have a problem, but the fact that she doesn’t seem right for Zied.

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