Being a superhero is hard work, and Batman often has to risk his life to help save his city. He has to regularly face monstrous villains, but he also accepts a young companion, calling himself Robin, who fights crime alongside him.

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Various people have been using the Robin name over the years, and these young heroes have faced the same challenges that Batman has faced. Each Robin has had to face various challenges and heartbreaking moments. There have been times when being Robin is a tragedy, and the universes in which Robin’s life is horrible are sadly vast and wide.

10 Batman betrays Robin and the Joker tortures another

Batman Family

the Batman: TAS The franchise has tragic endings for many of Batman’s closest allies. Dick Grayson and Tim Drake face an unfortunate future: Dick finally retires from the heroes game, but not before having a big fight with Batman.

When Bruce impregnates his adopted son’s girlfriend, the news must have felt like a knife in the back. Tim’s future isn’t much better. He was just a kid when the Joker kidnapped him, and his mind was twisted and warped to suit the Joker’s needs.

9 Damian Wayne accidentally killed Dick Grayson

Batman loses the injustice of Nightwing

A tragic fate before Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne in Injustice. A mistake on the battlefield would end Dick dead and Damian responsible, and Bruce Wayne would never forgive his biological son.

Damian would find himself disowned by his father and blamed himself for his older brother’s death, and Dick was one of the few people Damian was really close to. Without Bruce and Dick in his life, Damian took a dark path.

8 Dick Grayson becomes undead

At red rain series, Gotham has been infected with vampires. Batman himself has become an undead monster, and in this world, it was Batman who killed Dick Grayson’s parents.

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Dick Grayson decides that he will hunt down Batman and get revenge. Unfortunately for Dick, he is able to find Batman and shows that he himself transformed into a member of the undead. He joins Batman as Robin and despite their vampire status, they actually try to do the right thing.

7 Emperor Joker kills them all momentarily

Joker Emperor Darkest Knight

At Joker Emperor history, the Joker receives all the powers of Mister Mxyzptlk. The almighty Joker catches Batman and repeatedly tortures him. The Joker kills him and brings him back so he can do it all over again.

The Joker takes three Robins: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake. When shown in the comic, they are all dead. The Joker Emperor holds their corpses hostage so he can play cards with them. He could resurrect them at any moment to torture them, just as he has been doing with Batman.

6 A dark future awaits Damian Wayne

Batman 666

The special issue of 2007 Batman # 666 was written by Grant Morrison and explores the future of Damian Wayne. Damian sells his soul for the power to protect Gotham. Although he promised his father that he would be a wonderful hero, he did not live up to his father’s ideals.

After this comic was released, it seemed like Damian might be redeemed. There were times when it seemed like he might be connecting with what his father was trying to teach him. However, this future appears to still be canonical. Damian’s future looks dark, full of pain and war.

5 Dick Grayson becomes the Joker

The Evolution of Dick Grayson from Frank Miller.

Frank Miller has his own version of the Batman mythos; his version has an incredibly dark and rough tone. Batman is often portrayed as a monster. At one point, he takes a young orphan on his adventures.

Batman’s actions have a lasting effect on young Dick Grayson, and here’s something about Batman’s actions that warp Dick’s mind, transforming him from hero to villain. Batman would even compare this version of Dick to the Joker.

4 Dick Grayson accidentally kills his parents


Batman: Emotion Killer it was the brainchild of Howard Chaykin and Dan Brereton. Rickart Graustark was an acrobat of German descent and anti-German sentiments persuaded him to change his name to Dick Grayson.

Using the name Robin, he begins to fight a corrupt society with his girlfriend. While working as Robin, he accidentally kills his parents and is consumed with grief. You can’t help but blame yourself for what happened to your family.

3 A future robin lives in a starving society


Tris Plover lives in the future with her story told in Legends of a Dead Land: The Iron Sky. Tris lives in a society that struggles to produce enough food. In your society, people sometimes die and then turn into fertilizers to help food grow.

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A man is disgusted with this fact and decides to take the mantle of Batman. Inspired by this, Tris decides to become Robin.

two Dark Robin goes crazy for his father

Batman who laughs

The Batman Who Laughs is an evil version of Batman who was driven mad by the Joker. This Batman has killed many of his allies, including some of his own children. Dick, Jason and Tim were killed by him.

Batman Who Laughs allows his biological son, Damian, to live. Damian becomes the Dark Robin. This version of Damian and the Rabid Robins helps him out, and Damian seems just as unstable as his father.

1 Jason Todd is beaten to death and then revives

Batman holds Jason Todd as Robin in Death In The Family Storyline

While trying to locate his biological mother, Jason Todd finds himself captured by the Joker. The evil clown proceeds to beat him to death with a crowbar. When Batman suspects that Jason might be alive, he does detective work and Jason is confirmed to be dead.

Then time is altered. Jason revives, but is not himself. Jason seems to be forever upset by his recent experiences. He slowly goes from being a crazed villain to a man who seems to hold a grudge against Batman.

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