Gnosia, a recently released standalone game for the Nintendo Switch, adds a single player twist to Among Us. Here’s what the critics have to say about it.

At first sight, Gnosia, which just hit the Nintendo Switch, may seem like an attempt to cash in on one of the biggest success stories of 2020, Among us. However, it is actually a version of a critically acclaimed standalone game that was originally released in Japan for the PlayStation Vita in 2019.

Gnosia It differs from other social deduction and imposter games by being a single player experience with role-playing and visual novel elements. According to critics, he generally manages to overcome the lack of a human element to gain a foothold. Review calls from CBR itself Gnosia “a fun murder mystery” that “really stands out for its own charm.” Here’s what other reviewers have to say about the game.

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Eric Van Allen, Polygon: “That may be GnosiaBest Hack: How to gradually turn these avatars blaming each other into people you can understand. Loop upon loop, you have to adjust to what you are given and what you can learn over time, while relying on how well you know these characters to survive. In one cycle, Chipie was a trusted ally, helping me systematically take out the crew one by one … Then, several cycles later, Chipie was a constant thorn in my side. It was still Gnosia, but he wasn’t. It seemed he saw through my false claim that I was the Doctor, and he constantly cast suspicion on me and the other Gnosia. My stats weren’t high enough; He couldn’t get away with a bluff. On my next Gnosia loop, I still held a grudge, so he was the first to go. “

George Yang, Slim Games: “One of the most interesting mechanics in the game is its stat system, which encompasses things like stealth, charm, logic, charisma, performance, and intuition. After each round, whether you win or lose, you gain experience points to climb from. level these stats. Increasing stealth, for example, makes you less likely to be attacked Gnosia at night, and a high level of charm allows you to slip out of precarious situations. “

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Kenneth Shepard, Fanbyte: “Without a medium to communicate your own logic, Gnosia it becomes a game of systems. A mystery that can only be solved by passing statistics tests, winning dice rolls and learning to play according to its rigid rules. Initially this dissonance frustrated me as I felt like I was often struggling with the mechanics more than I was arguing. But once I learned to play the game of deduction Gnosia presented, I was able to navigate it more effectively. Learning more about the dormant spaceship, I traveled dozens of times as I walked closer to solving its many mysteries. “

Jenni Lada, Siliconera: “But it’s the looping element and the randomness that can Gnosia ‘The most frustrating part … certain events have specific triggers … since there are random items, it may take a while before you find them! Especially since unlocking all the details of the crew data is part of breaking the loops. Some people have to be ‘crew’ or ‘Gnosia’ to unlock it. A revelation occurred only when Jonas and Remnan survived. It can be time consuming and the meeting dialogue can get very repetitive. Of course, the more loops you experience, the higher the stats will allow you to be more daring in meetings and get the endings you want. But it can still mean experiencing a lot of boring careers. “

Richard Seagrave, Game Spew: “Whether or not to get to the end of the story, however, depends on how patient you are. You will have to play many, many loops, and while the random nature of the game means that no two are exactly alike, round-based discussions to decide who gets into a cold sleep that take place every day they become very exhausting. The first day’s discussion is the worst, when you really have no idea who is Gnosia and who is not. Start the discussion, you ‘I will witness many remarks and of people who defend their friends. In the end, you have to vote, even if you have no idea if someone is Gnosia or not. “

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