Animal Crossing: New Horizons could add gemstone mining to help shake up the chore of breaking rocks on players’ islands, leading to new DIY recipes.

Players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons They’ve been breaking rocks in search of clay, stone, iron, and gold since the game launched last spring. Rocks spawn on islands, clutter up the space, and require players to break them daily to keep them out of the way. Because most players have accumulated more than enough of each resource the rocks provide, this has made dealing with them a daily chore that many have come to resent. However, if Animal Crossing: New Horizons If gemstone mining was added, it could make spawning these obstacles an exciting new opportunity for players.

Gemstone mining is a popular hobby in other everyday life simulation games like Stardew valley Y History of the stations. Players can find gemstones in rocks, nodes, or by mining in caves and pits located around their map. In Animal crossing, gemstones can be added as items that drop when players break a stone or hit it with their shovel. Gemstones can be used to make jewelry, decorations or sell at a high price depending on the gem. They can also be given as special gifts to villagers, offering a boost to friendships that the player is trying to improve.

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Certain gemstones can be acquired using different levels of tools, with Animal Crossing’s flimsy tools that produce the least rare gems and minerals, and gold tools that allow players to grab special gems like diamonds. After scoring your first diamond, you could even unlock a diamond-level toolkit that helps players work more efficiently, or just looks really cool. Because players would need New Horizons’ gold tools to get a diamond, gemstone mining could be a rewarding late-game endeavor for players who have already completed much of the content available on Animal crossing, but they don’t want to restart their game.

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Animal Crossing gemstones could unlock new recipes

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Events

The introduction of Animal crossing DIY gemstone recipes such as jewels could also unlock special items to wear in the Able Sisters, or open up an opportunity for a new traveling NPC to arrive in a New Horizons island, allowing players to sell their special gems at a better price than at Nook’s Cranny. Gemstone collecting and jewelry making could potentially lead to the opening of a jewelry store offering Animal crossing players another shop to add to their city, as well as give them a new round of items to donate to the museum to please Blathers.

Gemstones can be seasonally rotated as Animal Crossing’s fish and insects, with different types available each month. Rotating gemstone availability using birthstones could be one way to make collecting each gemstone a bit more difficult and help prevent players from accidentally rushing to find each one. Gemstone mining in Animal Crossing: New Horizons it would be a good way for the developers to offer players new things to do next year and add an expensive sparkle to the various decorations in the game and the clothing that can be crafted.

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