Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily, and Marshall are best friends from How I Met Your Mother, but they have all been selfish and have committed many betrayals.

In the mid-2000s, How i met your mother became a pop culture phenomenon as one of the coolest and most entertaining sitcoms of the day. But while the TV show was incredibly popular and is still enjoyed by new fans thanks to streaming platforms, some aspects of the show haven’t aged as well.

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Sometimes the characters are almost unpleasant thanks to their terrible betrayals. There are a number of moments throughout the show’s nine seasons that certainly question the character of the gang. Some of these betrayals were much worse than others, although many of these situations were resolved so that the core group could evolve and grow.

10 Robin avoiding Marshall from his bar

How I Met Your Mother Robin and Marshall at Sport's Bar

In the fourth season episode “Little Minnesota”, Robin is depressed, so Marshall takes her to his secret Minnesota sports bar, the Walleye Saloon, which he visits whenever he feels homesick or sad.

What starts out as a great bonding moment between the two quickly dissolves when Robin steps ahead of his newly discovered watering hole. She steals Marshall’s stories and rejects him from her own bar, betraying her trust. Marshall will finally find Robin as a Canadian-themed establishment, proving that he can be the best friend between them.

9 Slapping

Marshall hitting barney how i met your mother

What started out as an innocent gamble turned into something bordering on cruelty. Of course the slaps were one of the funniest pieces of continuity throughout the show and there were definitely plenty of them, but it seemed like Marshall was getting a bit too enthusiastic about delivering them.

In fact, on some occasions, the slapping was almost a betrayal of their friendship. For example, in season 2, Barney puts on his own one-man show to try to get revenge for having to sit down to watch Lily’s performance. Barney starts to get into the narrative and is really proud of his work before Marshall slaps him, ending the fun. The slaps continued to be used in ways that seemed like the gamble had gone too far.

8 Lily’s debt

How I met your mother Lily and Marshall in her room

Lily and Marshall kept a lot of secrets from each other. From the time they were deeply in their relationship to even after they got married, communication really wasn’t the couple’s strong suit. However, they managed to persevere through the most difficult moments to be the best couple on the show.

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However, Lily’s debt was a problem that took a while to resolve. It turned out that Lily really wasn’t good at saving money and had racked up a ridiculous amount of debt on her credit cards. She hid the truth from Marshall for so long that it was an even bigger betrayal when it is finally revealed while they are trying to buy an apartment in season 3.

7 Barney’s Proposal

How I Met Your Mother Barney Proposes To Robin

Overall, Barney and Robin’s relationship was questionable at best. When he finally got to Barney to ask the question in season 8, he came up with a master plan.

This scheme saw him make his last playbook move, with a series of lies and deceptive actions that ultimately caused Robin to trust him even less. He drove her crazy, broke her heart, manipulated her and betrayed her love before making the proposal. It could be considered a questionable life choice for Robin to say yes!

6 The romance of Barney and Robin

While they supposedly get Ted’s blessing, it still seems like a huge betrayal of their friendship and trust that Robin and Barney would choose to date each other.

The relationship was never going to work out, although it is surprising that the showrunners took the story far enough for the couple to tie the knot before finally divorcing. It seemed like a forced story and one that made Barney and Robin seem like terrible friends.

5 Barney cheating on Nora

One of the show’s flaws and something the writers always had to be careful of is that Barney can seem like an obnoxious character considering his actions towards women. His story with Nora was one of those occasions.

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Despite having a deep connection with her, Barney completely betrayed any love or trust he had accumulated with Nora. He even cheated on her, eventually going after Robin despite how much their relationship meant to him. It was certainly not his best moment.

4 Ted’s treatment of Victoria

However, in terms of relationship betrayals, Ted could make Barney win. Victoria was a briefly introduced character in season 1, with whom Ted thought she shared a connection. Later he would return and Ted felt that they had to be together.

Eventually, she broke off her relationship with her fiancé and convinced her to give them a chance. Not only did he ruin the life she had built for herself and kept her away from her baked dreams, but he then tried to cheat on her with Robin, before Robin stopped him. Ted was a master of toxic romance.

3 Marshall lying to Lily

The lie goes both ways in this “happy couple”, as Marshall hides a huge secret from Lily for quite some time. The job of her dreams of becoming a judge is within her grasp, but it means changing and changing her life, which Lily refuses to do.

Therefore, he concealed the fact that he took the job in New York and had to try to maintain this lie before it finally became too much for him. Marshall broke down under the pressure, but the question is, why wasn’t he sincere in the first place instead of betraying Lily’s trust?

two Lily leaving Marshall

How I met your mother Robin and Lily at her apartment

Looking back at her life, Lily probably wouldn’t be too proud of how she treated Marshall. Stating that she needed to find herself, the beginning of season 2 showed Marshall actually struggling to break up their relationship. It was difficult for fans of the character to see him.

Meanwhile, Lily was feeling miserable in her art program and clearly regretted the decision she had made. Instead of talking about what she needed and allowing Marshall to support her, Lily betrayed everything they had built only to momentarily hurt him before they were back together; Lily had hardly changed at all in this time.

1 The show to the fans

After so many seasons making Ted finally meet “the mother”, it seemed almost criminal for him to turn around at the last minute. With the death of Ted’s wife, it was revealed that he had been telling his children the story of how they met so that he could get back together with Robin.

There were so many betrayals built into this that it’s hard to know where to start. In many ways, Ted was betraying his late wife by getting back with his ex, whom she would have considered a friend eventually. What’s worse is that the audience was misled in this way, with many hating the way the ending ultimately unfolded.

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