The story of how the plans for the first Death Star were stolen is told in Canon and Legends, but how did the rebels steal the plans for the Second Death Star?

the Star Wars The franchise tells the story of how the first Death Star Plans were stolen in both Canon and Legends, but what about the plans for the Second Death Star? Two novels depict part of the theft of plans at Canon, while in Legends, the original Star Wars timeline (formerly called the Expanded Universe), the full story is told through comics, novels, and video games. Return of the Jedi He also notably mentions the death of many Bothans in the process of obtaining the blueprints. The Bothan and their role in stealing the plans differ between the two continuities.

In Legends, the Bothans are a species of mammal famous for their spy ring and their loyalty to the rebels. Thanks to them, the Rebellion assaulted the Imperial freighter. Suprosa (It is shown in Shadows of the Empire Y X-Wing Alliance), obtaining the plans. With the plans secured but encrypted, the rebels brought them to the Bothan colony world of Kothlis to be deciphered, only to be intercepted by a sizable Imperial force, leading to a major battle in orbit and later on the planet’s surface. . The Battle of Kothlis was portrayed in Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squad II: Rogue Leader, Y X-Wing Alliance. Although the battle was a Rebel victory, there were heavy casualties among their Bothan allies, which Mon Mothma sadly acknowledges in Return of the Jedi.

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At Canon, the theft of the blueprints was covered in vague detail in the novels. Lost stars Y Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure. The actual theft of the plans is less focused than Palpatine’s intentional leakage of them into the Rebellion, as well as his covert sabotage of the Death Star II to make him appear vulnerable to a Rebel attack. Bothans have yet to be visually depicted in the Canon continuity, as their only appearance is in the novel. Blood line. Bothans are not visually described in the novel, but their language (consisting of grunts) is mentioned. The Bothan spy ring and their involvement in stealing the plans for the second Death Star are also vaguely described.

The Battle of Kothlis in Star Wars Legends

The theft of the plans for the Empire’s first Death Star in Legends was shown through multiple missions across various outlets, leading fans to understandably believe that they contradicted each other. In-universe, each mission resulted in the theft of a portion of the complete blueprints, culminating in the climactic Battle of Toprawa, where they were consolidated and transmitted to Princess Leia’s ship. Stealing the plans for the second Death Star was much simpler as the Empire wanted to lure the Rebellion into a trap, using the Death Star II as bait. Behind the scenes, the simplicity of its theft is the result of properties like X-Wing Alliance Y Rogue leader simply adapting elements of Shadows of the Empire.

While the Bothans are a prominent species in the age of legends Star Wars franchise, its conspicuous lack of description in the Canon continuity has been noticed by the fandom. Matt Martin of the Lucasfilm Story Group once hinted that Bothans are not aliens in Canon, but perhaps a “nationality”, like Corellians or Alderaanians. In addition, Pablo Hidalgo of Story Group clarifies that in the Canon timeline, Bothans did not help in stealing the plans as they did in the Legends universe. Instead, they simply provided the Rebel Alliance with the location of the Second Death Star, the status of the construction, and that the Emperor himself would visit the battle station.

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