WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for select stories in DC Infinite border # 0 by Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter, John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson, on sale now.

The most fundamental change in the DC Multiverse in the wake of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Dark Nights: Death Metal was the removal of Earth-0 as the center of the multiverse. In its place are two focal worlds from which everyone else can be influenced. That story revealed one of those Earths as an “alpha world” nicknamed Elseworld, and now Infinite border # 0 gives a name to that other Earth.

Barry Allen refers to the new world, appropriately, as “Omega Land” in Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter’s story of Flash in Infinite border # 0. And the meaning of this world becomes apparent shortly after in the final epilogue by Williamson and John Romita Jr. With a name like Earth Omega, it’s probably not surprising that this world is overseen by the bearer of the Omega Effect, the New God. Darkseid.

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What is Elseworld?

The name given to the alpha world, of course, is derived from DC’s “Elseworlds” line of comics, published primarily throughout the ’90s. The label became associated with classic stories such as Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and Superman: Red Son which took place outside of normal DC continuity. These “imaginary” stories, according to DC at the time, took place on worlds “that cannot, could not, or should not exist.”

Those types of worlds perhaps shouldn’t exist, but they certainly did in the old DC Multiverse, and they can exist in the new one as well, serving as the template from which countless other worlds can come to life. While Earth-0, which, by the way, make still officially exist, as confirmed by Barry, was that template in the preDeath metal multiverse, he is now simply one of countless alternate worlds born to his father Elseworld. Whatever the new “mainstream” DC Universe is now, or if it even is one – remains unknown, but any new continuity that emerges will likely emerge from Elseworld as its source.

If the present and future realities that can, could and should exist in the new DC Multiverse have their roots in Elseworld, then how could their Earth Omega counterpart figure in their creation? According to the epilogue of the number, it is possible that it is not; instead, it could be their cause of destruction.

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What is Earth Omega?

Quintessence Earth-Omega Infinite Frontier

If Elseworld is the central source of creation for all realities, and if the alpha / omega dichotomy between the two worlds implies some kind of opposite nature or opposite influence, the Omega Earth is a world that destroys, or at least hinders, these realities. . The dark and foreboding gaze of this world seems to imply it. And the Specter himself recognizes its purpose.

On Omega Earth is the Quintessence, the conglomerate of almighty cosmic overseers who have just tried, and failed, to recruit the newly deified Wonder Woman into their ranks. The Quintessence – Phantom Stranger, Ganthet, Hera, The Wizard Shazam, and Nix Uotan – join The Specter, who proclaims Earth Omega as “a prison, a place of endings.” Specter’s observation certainly identifies the world as something but a creation hub, unlike its Elseworld counterpart.

Barry describes both Elseworld and Earth Omega as “power sources”, indicating that these two worlds could just be “Earths” in an academic sense. Elseworld has only been mentioned and seen from a distance, but the barren, desolate land Omega looks nothing like Earth, except perhaps for some kind of apocalyptic. If the energy emitted by Elseworld is one that fosters creation, then perhaps the energy emitted by Earth Omega is one of death, decay, or doom. If Elseworld gives birth to other worlds, then Earth Omega could be the one to disturb or distort them, or maybe even destroy them.

Earth Omega could be the cosmic force that keeps the nature of reality in check, a cosmic response to winter as opposed to the eternal spring of Elseworld. Like an overgrown garden, could the multiverse ultimately drown itself with an infinite number of realities, if there is no opposing force to dilute some of them? As unpleasant as it may sound, Earth Omega could be the balancing force in a multiverse that is now capable of generating endless realities, even if it means eliminating some of them.

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Darkseid is

Infinite Frontier Darkseid

Of course, there is no one better to end everything than Darkseid. As The Specter continues his assessment of Earth Omega, he and the almighty Quintessence are unexpectedly and easily slaughtered by the vastly improved ancient New God. Darkseid proclaims that he has been “reconstituted from my lesser forms, all my past aspects have become one. My power exceeds what it was before the first Crisis. “

Given the ease with which he kills six cosmic entities, Darkseid’s boasts seem accurate. “Darkseid is … the end,” exclaims the divine being, in typical Darkseid style. The former ruler of Apokolips appears to be at home ruling or overseeing a world that represents endings and destruction. Earth Omega’s yin / yang relationship with Elseworld, in fact, is no different than Apokolips’ dark and fiery relationship with the bright, sunny world of New Genesis – two worlds whose place in the newly reborn multiverse has yet to be found. revealed. or established.

Just as Earth-0 was the center of the old multiverse, Elseworld and Earth Omega were effectively reused as a New Genesis and Apokolips that now serve as the twin centers of the new multiverse. It’s not that these worlds haven’t been reinvented before. Grant Morrison Multiversity he elevated the worlds created by Jack Kirby to literal gods’ homes, within the Gods Sphere which also housed otherworldly domains such as Heaven, Hell, and even The Dreaming.

The Multiversity map contained the Orrery of Worlds, which when created housed only 52 worlds within the DC Multiverse. With the establishment of infinite potential realities now, as well as the previous destruction of the Fountain Wall, Morrison’s map has become obsolete, and just as the Orrery has been redefined, so can the place of New Genesis and Apokolips in the world. multiverse.

So while the recently revealed Omega Earth and Elseworld locations in the overall multiverse outline are yet to be explored, they might actually be a bit more familiar than initially thought.

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