Morgan was a single on Season 1 of Temptation Island. Evan ended up supposedly cheating on her. She says couples do the show so they can cheat.

Morgan Lolar was one of several singles intended to tempt the kidnapped men in the first season of Temptation island. Morgan ended up leaving the island with one of the four men, Evan Smith, and the two entered into a long-term relationship for a time. As a single who found love on the show, Morgan knows firsthand what it’s like to date one of the guys in a relationship and says couples go on the show because one of them wants to cheat.

Morgan and Evan formed a deep connection on the show, spending most of their time on Temptation island together. At the final bonfire, Evan decided to break up with his girlfriend of a decade, Kaci. She left the island with Morgan, and the couple looked delighted at the time of the reunion show. Later, Evan proposed to Morgan, but the couple left him in early January 2020 and Evan faced some accusations of cheating. Morgan now enjoys the single life since she moved to Los Angeles on her own and left Evan in the past.

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Although Morgan is no longer in Temptation island, has sided with singles in the latest season 3 drama, saying that couples seek to cheat on the show. There was an argument between one of the singles, Maya Morsi, and Tom Gibson when she said that he was there to find out who he should be with, while Tom insisted that he planned to go with his girlfriend. Some fans found it hard to believe, especially since there are rumors that the couple are faking their relationship for fame.

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Morgan sided with singles in the situation, saying the whole point of coming to the show is for couples to break up and explore new relationships. He said one of the main reasons people do the show is “to cheat” because it is the nature of Temptation island. Couples get closer Temptation island because they are at a breaking point in their relationships and they need to take the time to work on themselves. For some of the couples, that means breaking up with their partners and leaving. Temptation island single or with one of the singles.

Evan was one of the guys who made a deep connection with Morgan, and Morgan seems to be rooting for the guys from season 3 to give singles a shot. She feels that singles should be respected, as they too will go on a journey and should be open to finding someone else. Who knows, maybe if the guys from season 3 get to know single women better, they might leave the island with one of them.

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Temptation island Season 3 airs Tuesdays at 10pm EST in the US.

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