Following his divorce filing, Kanye West’s sources shared his hopes of getting his Keeping Up With The Kardashian wife back, Kim Kardashian.

Just a few weeks later keeping up with the Kardashians Star Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West, sources share how much the Yeezy founder wants his wife back. According to insiders, the rapper believes he can save his marriage to the SKIMS founder once she realizes what she is leaving behind.

The tension between Kim and Kanye was thick in the months before the reality star filed for divorce from her husband of nearly seven years. In the past year, the two dodged divorce rumors, while Kim apparently tried to get on a united front with Kanye. But towards the end of 2020, insiders revealed the separate lives the two had been living after Kanye’s electoral defeat in November. Then in early 2021, reports claimed that “divorce [was] imminent” for the superstar couple. In the days after Valentine’s Day, Kim put the last nail in their marriage coffin, and Kanye has been left grappling with the reality of their failed relationship.

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Unfortunately, it appears that Kanye West has not given up hope of saving his marriage to Kim Kardashian. Sources close to the rapper said Hollywood life that he trusts what the future holds for him and Kim, since It will always be family no matter what happens in your marriage.“Also, the rapper supposedly “He feels like he can get Kim back” because a little distance can “make love grow”. Considering how confident Kanye is in himself, it’s not too surprising to hear how unconcerned he is about the current state of his marriage. In past interviews, the Chicago native has compared himself to the likes of Picasso, Steve Jobs, and Walt Disney.

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Keeping up with the Kardashians Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

This particular source shared even more updates on how the Yeezy founder is feeling about this impending divorce. “There is so much tension thanks to so many obstacles with quarantine and they both want to live in different parts of the country, the children and their health in general. He is realistic and knows that co-parenting is the way to go, as Kim has had enough, but feels that it can be used as a respite to where distance will make the heart grow more loving and she will realize it. that is being lost “. the informant stated. The KKW Beauty founder shares four children with Kanye. In the divorce application, the two indicated their intentions to be parents in a friendly way. Even after filing for divorce, Kim has apparently shown her support for Kanye by modeling his Yeezy sneakers on some Instagram posts.

Meanwhile, Kanye continues to wear his wedding ring even though the public is aware of his divorce. It appears that Kanye has not given up on his marriage to Kim. Perhaps there is hope in the future for these two.

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Source: Hollywood life

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