Amidst the controversy surrounding the Looney tunes character, it has been reported that Pepé Le Pew will not appear in the next sequel Space jam 2. Last week, Pepé had faced a new backlash when he was criticized among other classic cartoon characters in a controversial New York Times op-ed by columnist Charles M. Blow. Based on his inappropriate behavior towards Penople Pussycat, Blow says that Pepé Le Pew had “normalized the culture of rape.”

Deadline reports that Pepé Le Pew, who had starred in the original Space jam, will be absent in the sequel, but that his presence had already been removed a long time ago. The original director of the sequel, Terence Nance, had reportedly filmed a live-action scene with singer-actress Greice Santo (Jane the virgin) and Pepé Le Pew. When new director Malcolm D. Lee replaced Nance in 2019, he removed that scene entirely, and Pepé was never animated for the footage that was shot. It is said that the skunk will not even make a cameo.

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According to Deadline, the deleted scene would have seen Pepé appear in black and white. White House-like the sequence from Rick’s Cafe. As a bartender, Pepe began to flirt with a woman at the bar (Santo) by gently kissing her arm. She responds by hitting Pepé on a chair, pouring his drink on him and sending him spinning on a stool which is stopped by Lebron James. Pepe then reveals that Penelope has filed a restraining order against him, and James reportedly says in the script that Pepé “cannot take other tunes without her consent.”

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According to its spokesperson, Greice Santo she is upset about the removal of her scene, as she “was glad to film Space jam Sequel to Pepé, because the skunk finally gets his due. “A victim of sexual harassment herself, Santo’s debut single,” Você Você, “was inspired by the #MeToo movement and encourages women to stand up to sexual predators. In 2016, she also launched the non-profit organization Glam with Greice to empower victims of domestic violence.

At NOW An opinion piece, Speedy Gonzales was also criticized as a character “whose friends helped popularize the corrosive stereotype of drunk and lethargic Mexicans.” Still, it does not appear that the fast-running rodent will be expelled from Space jam 2 as has been Pepé Le Pew. On Twitter in the wake of the controversy, Speedy Gonzales’ voice actor Gabriel Iglacias addressed the situation and his upcoming voice role in the film.

“I am the voice of Speedy Gonzales in the new Space jam“, Write Iglesias.” Does this mean they are going to try to cancel Fluffy too? You can’t catch me canceling culture. I am the fastest mouse in all of Mexico. “

Another big change that fans have noticed Space jam 2 is that Lola Bunny will have a very different look. This comes after Lee saw the original film and felt that the character was too “sexualized” and that a makeover was necessary.

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“This is a children’s movie, why is she in a crop top? It just felt unnecessary, but at the same time there is a long history of that in cartoons. We are in 2021. It is important to reflect the authenticity of a strong woman and capable characters, “said Lee Weekly entertainment. Space Jam: a new legacy It will be released in theaters and on HBO Max on July 16, 2021. This news comes from Deadline.

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