From Pulp Fiction to Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino’s films engage audiences from the beginning to the final shot.

The opening and closing scenes of any movie are possibly the two most important. The beginning of the movie has to grab the audience’s attention and the ending has to tie up all the loose ends and conclude both the narrative and the overall themes in a satisfying way.

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From the opening montage that immerses audiences in 1960s Los Angeles, on “Treat Her Right” at Once upon a time in hollywood until the final intense showdown in Reservoir dogs, all of Quentin Tarantino’s films have a memorable first and last scene. But which are the best of the best?

10 Opening Scene: Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs opening scene

The opening scene of Reservoir dogs It instantly established Tarantino’s unique dialogue style. Before the off-screen jewelry heist, the color-coded gangsters eat breakfast at a restaurant and discuss everything from Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” to tip etiquette.

While now considered one of the most iconic moments in the film, Tarantino originally only included the scene to give Edward Bunker’s Mr. Blue a few lines. Ironically, Bunker, a career criminal in real life, didn’t like the scene, because he didn’t think it was realistic for distinctively dressed criminals to have breakfast surrounded by witnesses just before a job.

9 Ending: Inglourious Basterds

Damn bastards taking down Aldo Utivich

Tarantino boldly declares Inglorious Bastards to be his masterpiece in its final moments. Hans Landa falsely emerges as the hero of WWII after taking a big left turn from historical accuracy, and Aldo Raine can’t let him get away with his war crimes.

So, carve a swastika on his head. When this technique was introduced in an earlier scene, the carving happened off-screen and we only saw the scar later. In the final scene, we see the knife digging into Landa’s forehead. Despite all the atrocities he committed throughout the film, it is quite gruesome to watch.

8 Opening Scene: Django Unchained

An exhausted Django wanders through the desert on a chain in the opening scene of Django unchained. The white slavers lead the slaves through the forest into the freezing night when they are interrupted by a dentist-turned-bounty hunter named Dr. King Schultz.

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Schultz wants to buy Django because of his knowledge of his latest bounty, the Brittle brothers, but the slavers refuse to sell him, so Schultz kills one of them and injures the other, leaving the rest of the gang to deal with him. .

7 Final: proof of death

The end of Death Proof

Tarantino’s dynamite premise for Proof of death – a stuntman preys on young women with his “death-proof” car – is the perfect intersection between a car-exploiting shareholder and a murderer. But in Proof of death, there is not just one final girl; there are three.

After the fast-paced car chase, Zoë, Abernathy and Kim pull Stuntman Mike out of the rubble of his death-proof 1969 Dodge Charger and beat him to death.

6 Opening Scene: Kill Bill: Volume 1

Years before Tarantino transformed his concept into Kill bill In a two-movie reality, all he had was the opening shot: a close-up of the bride’s face, beaten up and bloodied, staring at her would-be killers, plotting her revenge.

This shot was beautifully done in black and white in Kill Bill: Volume 1. An off-screen Bill shoots the girlfriend in the head and Nancy Sinatra’s “(Bang Bang) My Baby Shot Me Down” plays over the opening credits.

5 Ending: Jackie Brown

Pam Grier’s main character in Jackie BrownArguably Tarantino’s most underrated film, it is a flight attendant who works with an arms dealer and the police trying to shoot him down. Both parties underestimate Jackie and she ends up using him to grab the loot at the end of the movie.

Before Jackie ventures into an uncertain future, she invites Max Cherry to join her, but he rejects the offer, so they say goodbye with all their hearts.

4 Opening Scene: Pulp Fiction

The opening scene of Pulp Fiction

Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer play Pumpkin and Honey Bunny, a Bonnie and Clyde-style criminal loving couple, in the opening scene of Pulp fiction. They sit in a restaurant, talk about different places to defend, and eventually decide to rob the restaurant they are currently eating at.

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The opening scene is apparently unrelated to the rest of the movie until the final scene reveals that Jules and Vincent were in the restaurant the entire time.

3 Ending: Django Unchained

The glorious end of Django unchained sees Django return to Candyland after being sold as a slave again. Kill his new captors, tour America, rescue his wife, and return to Calvin Candie’s plantation in time for his funeral.

When Candie’s closest associates return from their memorial service, they find Django waiting at the house with two fully loaded revolvers ready to blow up. Before he and Broomhilda go on horseback, they blew up the house.

two Opening Scene: Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds Inauguration

The opening scene of Inglorious Bastards features Christoph Waltz’s Colonel Landa as one of the most unforgettable and sinister movie villains of all time. It could stand on its own as a taut short film. Landa and his men arrive at a dairy farm that houses Jewish refugees under the floorboards.

Landa smokes a Sherlock Holmes pipe and drinks some cow’s milk while questioning the farmer. The scene uses Hitchcock’s under-table bomb technique to create tension.

1 Ending: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

After Tarantino killed Adolf Hitler in Inglorious BastardsNo one expected his account of the night of August 8, 1969 to be historically accurate. On their way to assassinate Sharon Tate and her friends, the Manson family assassins decide to go to the side and assassinate Rick Dalton.

However, they are met with Rick’s stunt double, Cliff Booth, and his butt-kicking pit bull Brandy, who dispatch most of them with brute force before Rick gets the last one with the flamethrower from McCluskey’s 14 fists. When all the commotion ends, Rick is invited to Sharon’s house.

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