In a new preview of Amazing Spider-Man # 61 from Marvel Comics, Webslinger gets a new suit, but the nets he’s wearing now sound different.

Warning! Spoilers for The amazing Spider Man # 61 below!

In Marvel Comics trailers, Spiderman receives a completely new suit, but changes one of its most iconic sound effects which is practically a catchphrase. While Spider-Man is ditching his classic red and blue for a higher-tech silver and gold option, it is unknown if there is any kind of direct motivator for the costume change. In any case, Amazing spider man # 61 promises to be the start of a new era for Peter Parker, despite the fact that things are far from over with his latest foe, Kindred, who recently put Spider-Man through a gauntlet of trauma.

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In recent editions of the Amazing spider man Nick Spencer’s, Spider-Man has been tormented by the demonic villain known as Kindred, who was recently revealed to be none other than his old friend Harry Osborn. While there is something deeper about Harry’s activities (presumably related to Marvel’s One more day story), Kindred took Spider-Man and his allies hostage, killing Peter and resurrecting him over and over again, trying to force Spider-Man to confess his greatest sins. However, Harry’s own father Norman (seemingly reformed from his Goblin days) teamed up with Mary Jane Watson to capture Kindred and save Spider-Man, even though Peter was incredibly traumatized. Maybe this new direction they are teasing will be the way Spider-Man will try to move forward?

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In any case, the preview of Amazing Spider-Man # 61 from writer Nick Spencer with art by Patrick Gleason sees Spider-Man’s new silver and gold suit in action as he stops a bank robbery in progress. However, the iconic and classic onomatopoeia that appears when Spider-Man shoots webs has also changed, and it appears the new suit is the culprit. Here are the preview images and synopsis from Marvel Comics:

Spider-Man-61-Cover Image





  • (W) Nick Spencer
  • (A / CA) Patrick Gleason
  • Peter Parker gets a new job!
  • Spidey has a new look!
  • And the Kingpin’s plans are beginning to come to fruition!

While Kingpin brought together New York’s most powerful crime bosses to hunt down Spider-Man’s roommate is interesting and will certainly lead to a major conflict for the web-slinger, that’s nothing compared to the THWIP change to THWEP when Spider-Man shoots his webs. . In the absence of a rallying cry or slogan like “Time to hit!“When Spider-Man goes into battle, the iconic sound effect (and spelling) has been a constant staple of his heroics for decades, similar to Wolverine’s SNIKT when his claws explode or Nightcrawler’s BAMF when he teleports. So why has he switched to THWEP? Maybe it’s to indicate that Spider-Man’s new suit comes with improved web shooters that give him a faster rate of fire for his webs?

In any case, the lack of THWIP is already lost even in these few preview pages for the next issue. While it’s still unclear whether or not the new Spider-Man suit will be long-term, we hope that at least the spelling change for THIWP will be just a phase for the next issues of Amazing spider man from Marvel Comics.

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