Almost all of Nana’s deaths are insane in their own right in the Talentless Nana anime, but some are definitely more shocking than others.

Nana without talent was one of the most outstanding anime series of 2020 and delivered a story full of twists and turns from the very first episode. Although the anime appears to be a coming-of-age story about students with magical powers, it quickly turns into something much darker: a young girl’s government-given mission to eliminate all of the island’s students and the dangers that their powers.

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By settling down this way and taking a sharp turn, Nana without talent prepares viewers for an anime full of surprises right from the start. As Nana works her way through her list of victims, it becomes more difficult to look away from the screen. Some of the situations Nana finds herself in are not only downright shocking, but viewers will constantly be amazed at how she manages to continually fool her classmates, even when the walls seem to be closing in on her. Almost all of Nana’s deaths are insane in their own right, but some are definitely more shocking than others.

7 Kirara habu

Kirara’s death is probably the least surprising or interesting of all. Nana without talentthe first season, and the fact that viewers barely get to know Kirara doesn’t help much. Nana’s classmate doesn’t fight much when Nana attacks her, nor is her situation more interesting than a “right place, right time” scenario.

Nana meets Kirara at random and sees it as an excellent opportunity to fulfill her mission. He’s ruthless and calculated, but he doesn’t stand out, especially when compared to Nana’s other kills of the season.

6 Kaori takanashi

Kirara Habu and Kaori Takanashi Talentless Nana

Kaori is another convenient death for Nana, especially since the two friends are fighting each other at the moment. Not only does this give Nana a chance to frame them for each other’s murders, but with a bit of improvisation, she takes her eyes off her classmates – except for Kyouya, of course.

Kaori’s death is a bit more interesting than Kirara’s as Nana has more time to plan it. However, as with her death, fans do not get to know Kaori or get involved in the unfolding scenario.

5 Tsunekichi Hatadaira

Tsunekichi Hatadaira from Talentless Nana

Tsunekichi’s death is not surprising, as his ability to predict the future through photos literally shows fans what lies ahead. However, the fact that you can see her eventual disappearance sets up an interesting premise that leaves viewers wondering how. Nana will manage to win the game.

Nana’s pursuit of Tsunekichi is not a simple matter. The two engage in a battle of wits that he barely sees her taunting him. Oddly enough, learn more about him leaving viewers with a motive to somehow ground Nana: an unexpected turn of events given their own despicable motives.

4 Youhei shibusawa

Youhei shibusawa

Youhei is Nana’s second death, but her death is the first time fans have actually seen what Nana is capable of in the series. In most cases, he has the element of surprise on his side that allows him to fool his classmates before they can use his powers against him. However, Youhei is on her from the beginning and his suspicion of her coupled with her ability to travel through time makes it seem almost impossible for Nana to lay a hand on her.

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He manages to outwit Youhei by making him time travel, knowing that he will end up under the lake that was frozen earlier that day. Because his powers are depleted, there is not much Youhei can do to prevent his end. It’s a shocking and sad death, as he appears to be one of the genuinely decent characters that Nana meets on the island.

3 Yuuka sasaki

Both the audience and Nana herself receive a whiplash when Nana tries to kill Yuuka. Yuuka is basically never seen without her necromancer boyfriend, Shinji, but she is quite quiet about her own power. When Nana tries to kill her, Yuuka reveals that she is the necromancer, not Shinji, and that he is simply a corpse that she has been controlling.

This twist is enough to surprise viewers, but with Shinji under her control, Yuuka engages in an impressive fight against Nana. It’s one of the most interesting situations she’s in, and it continues to feature twists and turns until the very end, when Nana finally figures out how to beat her.

two Nanao Nakajima

Nana kills Nanao in Talentless Nana

When it comes to the most shocking deaths of Nana without talentThe first season of Nanao takes the cake. Viewers heading into this series may not realize what it’s about, and they’re unlikely to see the final scene of the first episode coming. The series establishes Nanao as its main character, not necessarily Nana, so it’s quite a twist when Nana pushes him off a cliff.

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What makes this all the more surprising to new viewers is the fact that Nana is built to be a friendly and easygoing character and there is no hint of her darker side until the final moments. This scene changed the entire tone of the anime, making them some of the best parts of the entire series.

1 Michiru Inukai

Although Nana technically doesn’t killing Michiru, her actions lead to the chain of events that cause her death, and Michiru ends up giving her life for her friend. The surprising thing about this is that Nana doesn’t want Michiru to sacrifice herself, even if it means saving her own life. Despite his ruthless attempts to assassinate the rest of his class, the anime’s protagonist develops a surprising friendship with Michiru, one that creates more suspense than many of Nana’s outright murders.

The fact that Nana’s situation ends with her crying over Michiru’s death, a death that brings her closer to her goal of eliminating all the students on the island, shows a strange kind of character growth that could have big implications for a second season.

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