In DC’s Infinite Frontier, Pat Dugan, former Stripesy and current hero STRIPE, gets a call that The Seven Soldiers of Victory are back.

Warning! Spoilers for DC Infinite Frontier # 0 below!

With the launch of DC’s Infinite border, Pat Dugan, the former teammate known as STRIPE, got a call from his old team The Seven Soldiers of Victory They have reformed and need your help. With this call, one of DC Comics’ oldest superhero teams that follows the Justice Society of America has returned, probably thanks to its prominent presence on CW’s. Star Girl Serie. This mostly powerless team of superheroes has struggled to find their place in a modern world far different from the one they debuted. However, their presence can lay the groundwork for the next phase of DC’s stories, contributing to the company-wide goal of making all previous characters and stories intertwined and relevant.

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Created by Mort Weisinger and Mort Meskin for Leading Comics No. 1 (1941), the Seven Soldiers of Victory followed the JSA with their chosen characters from various DC anthology series at the time. With an unconventional roster including cronies and (mostly) no real powers, they teamed up to stop the machinations of the sinister Iron Hand and continued their adventures until they disappeared. This absence was later reconsidered due to a battle with the Hand and its creation, the Nebula Man, which saw victorious heroes scattered through time and space as a result. Although the combined effort of the Justice Society and the Justice League was able to find and recover these heroes, the Seven Soldiers went their separate ways and never reformed despite one or two different incarnations of the team that was being formed. . Although some of the heroes remained active, others had their legacies passed down or adopted by a new generation of heroes to come.

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One of those legacies was Sylvester Pemberton, aka the Star-Spangled Kid, currently worn by Courtney Whitmore, the teenage heroine known as Stargirl. In the story of writer Geoff Johns and artist Todd Nauck, the young JSA member is late due to a battle of supervillains. As STRIPE flies to end the conflict, Courtney’s internal monologue and recap includes a flashback to her stepfather’s past, including his time in the Seven Soldiers alongside Green Arrow and his sidekick Speedy, Star-Spangled Kid, Crimson Avenger, and his buddy Wing. , Watcher and the Shining Knight. After Pat helps Courtney out of trouble at school, she receives a call from her old teammate, Vigilante, who says cryptically ” Pat …. The soldiers. We need you…,” before hanging up.

Seven Soldiers of Victory

This reappearance is definitely due to Dugan’s presence in the Star Girl series that not only included a photograph of the entire team in their prime, but also featured the return of the Shining Knight who assisted his former teammate and the young heroes under his tutelage before leaving to locate the other members of the Seven Soldiers. Not including Grant Morrison’s Seven soldiers series in 2005, Stargirl creator Geoff Johns seizes the opportunity not only to link the TV show with its comic book counterpart, but also to pave the way for the heroes of the Golden Age to return. This is likely due to the new rules of the DC Omniverse which state that all stories, past and present, regardless of genres, are not only connected but influence each other.

Although it’s a short intro, that suspenseful ending means Pat and Courtney are likely to reunite with Stripesy’s former teammates and help them out on whatever mission or villain is important enough to get the gang back together. Although the Seven Soldiers of Victory they were some of the less famous DC Comics heroes at the time, it’s nice to see Infinite border Acknowledge the rich history of DC by having its past and present stories on an equal footing as you move into a new era of storytelling, brimming with creative possibilities.

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