Often times, many anime heroes are one step away from being villains. Here are 10 female anime villains who would make excellent heroes.

Often times, many anime heroes are one step away from being villains. In fact, from an objective point of view, the only thing that is common between heroes and villains, mainly of the shonen genre, is how a past tragedy defines their future course of actions.

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Some villains use their pain to become better people, while others use it and eventually turn evil. Most are evil for the simple fact of being a villain, even though they showed great potential to become antiheroes. If these characters were the heroes, they would have become great heroes if they had been given better character development.

10 Minatsuki: a deranged girl who helped Ganta (Deadman Wonderland)

Minatsuki Takami split personality deadman wonderland 4

Minatsuki’s sadistic side calmed down long after her brother Yo’s appearance and after experiencing Ganta’s kindness. That’s why he helped Ganta locate the Undertaker’s lair.

It would have made more sense for her to follow him and make use of her exceptional powers to get rid of the baddies, thus bringing the Scar Chain rebels closer to exposing the atrocities that regularly occurred in the Deadman Wonderland prison.

9 Nanami – This antagonist’s self-sacrifice actually made her the good one (Katanagatari)

Nanami (Katanagatari)

Like Shichika, Nanami should have had a chance to become a better human. The only reason she was in trouble was because her father tried to kill her.

Despite that, she was shown to be an antagonist whom Shichika was forced to fight and kill. Most fans agreed that this was done to create shock value and portray Nanami as a misunderstood hero, rather than follow the more logical path of becoming more human.

8 Krul Tepes: She is driven by the desire to reunite with her lost brother (Seraph Of The End)

krul tepes vampire (Seraph Of The End)

Unlike most of his companions, especially Ferid and the other nobles, Krul does not enjoy killing or torturing humans. It has been shown that he has a different plan, which the manga explores as his desire to find his brother.

Seeing how far humans had come with their knowledge of taming demons, vampires, and even angels, it would have made more sense for her to switch sides and fight alongside him in exchange for humans finding her brother.

7 Jeanne d’Arc – A noble warrior whose fall from grace was due to poor creative decisions (Rage Of Bahamut)

warrior Jeanne d'Arc with sword of god

For someone who was as noble and immaculate as Jeanne d’Arc, her actions of allowing a demon to manipulate her came as a shock to many fans, seeing that she was completely out of character.

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This issue was compounded by the way this did not affect the final plot in any way. He was definitely better off as the most feared soldier in the king’s army, who would have fought alongside the angels to contain the dragon Bahamut.

6 Madame Red: A Woman Who Just Wanted to Be a Mother (Black Butler)

Red lady, black butler

With someone who was as smart and methodical as Madam Red, his descent into despair to the point of killing prostitutes for having abortions didn’t make much sense to fans.

His intellect, powers, and influence in Victorian society could have been used by Ciel to rid his city of troublesome events. However, the show’s author took a different path and ended up with perhaps one of the most complex female characters in the entire series.

5 Lemrina Vers Envers: Her political cunning could have easily been used for Earth-Mars peace (Aldnoah.Zero)

Lemrina to Envers (Aldnoah.Zero)

Lemrina’s manipulative and cunning behavior was sadly used to portray her in a negative light when she could have been the saving grace of the show’s second season.

He knew his sister had no political ambitions, and should have used that to make a pact with her, one in which Princess Asseylum would cede all her legal powers to Lemrina in exchange for her ushering in an era of peace among the Earthlings and Martians. .

4 Lust – His character should have been more faithful to the 2003 series (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Lust’s redemption arc could have easily surpassed Scar’s if only the 2009 anime had followed the plot of the 2003 anime. There, Lust wanted nothing more than to become human.

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To do this, he helps the Elric brothers and openly rebels against Dante. She was eventually caught and killed by Wrath, wondering what would happen to her after her death.

3 Yuno Gasai: Many fans pretend that their actions in the last arc never happened (future diary)

Yuno gasai (Diary of the future)

A yandere getting good would have been a sight to behold, seeing how exceptionally rare this trope is in anime. Yuno could have easily used her knowledge of the different timelines to save Yuki without involving any of the deaths she was responsible for.

Sadly, her abusive past was used to justify her sadistic nature and mentally unhinged actions, and her obsession with Yuki became her only defining point in the anime.

two Akame Suzaku – should have traded insider information in exchange for his freedom (great suitor)

akame suzaku director of Roppongi (Great suitor)

Akame was canonically shown to be a sympathetic and mother-like figure to Edamura, so fans were hoping for a more positive conclusion to his arc.

Her love for Edamura could have easily made her exchange information about drug lords and child trafficking networks with the relevant authorities, ensuring a near-clean of her city of the dirt she was in up to her neck.

1 Rachel: She and Bam should have supported each other on the tower (Tower of God)

Rachel and Baam (Tower of God)

The anime never explains why Rachel betrays Bam, something that becomes more confusing when fans take into account how Bam practically adored her and would have done anything she asked of him.

That’s why she should have shared her true intentions with him and figured out a way that they could both climb the tower, help each other when the need arose, and work together. That would have been a much more rewarding continuation of his actions.

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