Prepare to return to the Sinnoh region. After years of waiting, popular demand Pokemon The Gen 4 remake is finally on the horizon with Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shiny pearl. This long-awaited sequel will feature many Pokémon from the Region, both popular and not-so-popular.

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While there were many great additions to the Pokemon list in Gen 4, there were a couple of glitches here and there too. Since the games themselves have gone through a certain evolution of their own, it might be time some of Sinnoh’s Pokémon got a much-needed update for the next remake.

10 Lickilicky: It’s not a bad Pokémon, but it’s not that impressive either

Lickilicky, Pokémon

Gen 4 had quite a few new evolutions for existing Pokemon that previously didn’t have one, and one of these additions was Lickitung’s evolved form, Lickilicky. Lickilicky is not a bad Pokémon given its defensive stats and support capabilities, however it is not very impressive.

Lickilicky is held back by his low attack stats and even lower speed stats and his normal type also makes him an easy target for Fighting types. Still, Lickilicky has a lot of potential given its diverse move group, so maybe the remakes can give this Pokémon the update it needs.

9 Carnivine – Deserves a more balanced Moveset and Movepool

Carnivine from Pokémon

Carnivine is a menacing-looking Pokémon that actually has some bite to back up its bark, thanks to its good offensive stats. Sadly, that’s it for the positives of this venus flytrap, as its other stats aren’t as good as its offense. On top of that, his “Levitate” ability only really protects him from Ground-type moves, which aren’t as effective on Grass-type moves anyway.

These skins make Carnivine a crystal cannon, which is sad given how good its attack power is. Perhaps the remakes could help balance Carnivine’s shortcomings or give her access to abilities that are better suited to her.

8 Kricketune – His skills and moves are mediocre at best

Kricketune from Pokémon

The evolved form of Kricketot, Kricketune is one in a long Pokemon tradition of easy to evolve types of insects that are not that good in battle. Sadly, Kricketune isn’t really good at anything across the board and his “Swarm” and “Technician” abilities are mediocre as well.

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The only thing Kricketune is really known for is how weak and common it is because nothing else really stands out, making it a prime target for a review in the remakes. Perhaps some better stats and abilities can give this bug a much-needed bite.

7 Bastiodon: Has great defense, but is no match for fighting-type Pokémon

The evolved form of Shieldon, one of two extinct Pokémon Trainers that can revive on their journey to Sinnoh, Bastiodon is a roving tank with incredibly high defense. Unfortunately for the “Pokémon Shield”, that’s all it has going for it, as Bastiodon suffers in almost every other respect.

Despite its strong defense, it is no match for a good hit or two from a Fighting-type Pokémon. This Pokémon has many flaws that might need a bit of balance, or a way to turn that strong defense into some kind of offense.

6 Lumineon: a Pokémon beautiful to behold, but weak to fight

Lumineon from Pokémon

Lumineon, a fish that looks like a butterfly, is a pretty Pokémon to look at, but not much else. Having mediocre overall stats and a limited movepool only makes using this Pokémon in battle a major pain in the neck, as it is easily outmatched by many other better types of water.

With remakes on the horizon, now could be the opportunity Lumineon has been waiting for. If you can’t get better stats, maybe better moves that deal a lot more damage or better recovery could be just what you need to be a true contender.

5 Yanmega – A low special defense stat makes her a weak option in a fight

Yanmega from Pokémon

The evolved form of Yanma, Yanmega from the Johto Region is another Gen 4 evolution that unfortunately came with a couple of drawbacks. In terms of speed and special attack, Yanmega isn’t really bad, but his flaws in other aspects of his stats cause him to fall apart, with a low special defense stat making him more susceptible to his weaknesses.

Despite this, some players can use Yanmega in the correct settings, so perhaps Gen 4 remakes can take note of that and give Yanmega an update that can make this Pokémon live up to its potential.

4 Cherrim: Although adorable, there isn’t much more to say about it

Three Pokémon Cherrim

Grass-types are pretty much to blame for having a hard time, with their many weaknesses and all, and no Pokémon can know that better than Cherrim. Despite his affectionate and lovable demeanor, Cherrim is hampered by all his mediocre stats and a movepool that doesn’t do him any favors either.

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Even his “Flower Gift” ability, which increases his attack and special defense in sunlight, does not do much for him, as he is not a physical fighter. Perhaps the remake can modify this ability to compensate for its weaknesses and possibly take advantage of its strengths.

3 Phione: an average Mythical Pokémon with disappointing stats

Phione from Pokémon

Being a Mythical Pokémon and the offspring of Manaphy, one would think that Phione would be quite a strong and viable Pokémon, however this is not the case. Phione’s stats are all average (they’re all at “80”) and he only excels at healing himself. Overall, Phione is pretty unimpressive despite being a Mythical Pokémon of unique circumstances.

With the Sinnoh region returning to the spotlight, perhaps an update could see Phione reach new heights like never before. Whether it’s a boost to his stats, better moves, or a new ability that makes him harder to beat in battle, Phione would benefit from much-needed appreciation.

two Bibarel: a Pokémon that sadly isn’t that impressive in battle

Bibarel from Pokémon

There’s no easy way to say this, but Bibarel is just terrible in battle, which is to be expected from the evolved form of the infamously weak Bidoof. Honestly, its only use in the original. Diamond Y Pearl he was being a “HM Slave” thanks to his great movepool. Unfortunately, HMs have more or less gone the way of the dodo in Pokemon games.

Without HM to force it, Bibarel is in danger of being 100% useless, so it is in dire need of some modifications. Perhaps the remakes could do something to take advantage of Bibarel’s versatile movepool and ultimately make this Pokémon more than just the punchline of a prank.

1 Wormadam & Mothim: Bug Types Deserve Better Overall Stats

Wormadam and Mothim from Pokémon

For the most part, the bug types didn’t really get a fair shake in Gen 4 with Burmy and his two evolutions, Wormadam and Mothim, being shining examples of that. Wormadam only excels on defense, and his “Sand Cloak” can help him hold out, but his bad non-defensive stats and bad movepool make him pathetically weak. Mothim is no better, although it has the best offense and the most variety of moves, its typing makes it especially vulnerable to its weaknesses (such as Rock-types).

Needless to say, these Bug Pokémon are crushed by the competition quite easily. They are the type of Pokémon that trainers catch to fill their Pokédex, but they can be more. With the right balance to fix those many flaws and build on their strengths, Wormadam and Mothim could be unexpectedly good at remakes.

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