Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the most versatile and prolific actors of his generation, built a successful and acclaimed career thanks to his wide range of roles. DiCaprio, one of the few Hollywood actors who has never appeared in a franchise, is a regular contributor to filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino.

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Whether you’re playing men of action in blockbusters like Start, or souls tortured in famous period pieces such as The rebornDiCaprio is a safe bet, a guarantee that the public will get their money’s worth. And while he’s famous for playing the leads, he’s also played a number of despicable characters, creating a resume that solidifies him as one of Hollywood’s most respected artists.

10 Calvin candie

Django Unchained Calvin Candie

The only DiCaprio character who is completely despicable and irredeemable, Calvin Candie is the main antagonist of Quentin Tarantino’s revisionist western. Django unchained. A charming but brutal Francophile who owns a plantation called “Candyland”, Candie forces the slaves under her control to fight to the death in barbaric Mandingo fights.

Candie was a bold choice for DiCaprio, a total of 180 of the roles she used to play. His performance was acclaimed and critics appreciated the intensity he brought to the role.

9 J. Edgar Hoover


One of Clint Eastwood’s biggest mistakes, J. Edgar is a biographical drama film that chronicles the career of J. Edgar Hoover in the FBI. Bringing a controversial real-life figure to life, DiCaprio delivers a powerful performance in an otherwise cheesy and forgettable movie.

Eastwood dances around Hoover’s alleged homosexuality, choosing instead to focus on the police aspect of the man’s life. DiCaprio manages to humanize Hoover without even excusing his actions, finding the darkness within the character and accurately portraying it. And although he is triumphant thanks to his talent, the rest of the film completely disappoints him.

8 Louis XIV

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Man in the Iron Mask

DiCaprio’s first film after the huge success of Titanic, The man in the iron mask See the talented actor playing twins. One, King Louis XIV of France, is a pampered, power-hungry brat who holds the position of the highest authority in the country. The other, Philippe, is a shy and kind young man imprisoned in the Bastille by order of Louis.

The roles give DiCaprio an opportunity to play on both the light and dark sides, and the actor does a decent job, although the performance is below his standards. The film is also lacking, lacking any of the romantic heroism of the original Alexandre Dumas story, and settling for cheesy and tired genre tropes.

7 Frank Wheeler

DiCaprio’s second film with Kate Winslet, a decade later Titanic, Revolutionary path tells the story of a bored and dissatisfied suburban couple dealing with the deterioration of their marriage in the 1950s. DiCaprio plays Frank, a salesman who is more willing to accept his monotonous life than his troubled wife.

Wheeler is an unsympathetic character throughout the movie. He cheats on his wife, April, not listening to her and eventually corners her at a point of no return. April is also very selfish and cold, which makes marriage a volatile and false illusion of suburban joy, and the film a relentless dissection of the American dream.

6 Jordan belfort

Jordan belfort

An exercise in excess and decadence, The wolf of Wall Street tells the real-life story of Jordan Belfort, a New York City stockbroker whose firm, Stratton Oakmont, engaged in blatant corruption and fraud, ultimately leading to the downfall of himself and his associates .

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Walking a dangerously fine line between depicting and glorifying the events in Belfort’s life, the film’s immorality is presented as a warning and, more worryingly, as a haunting invitation. Still, DiCaprio’s gonzo performance shines through the chaos, even if the character’s actions are always reprehensible.

5 Jay gatsby

The Great Gatsby

An ambitious and explosive adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby finds DiCaprio in his most unsubtle form. The film as a whole is a visual spectacle, the epitome of style over substance. And while splendor is truly attractive, it can never make up for the lack of emotional resonance.

Still, DiCaprio manages to make Gatsby an attractive and sympathetic figure, detailing his performance with every layer of the character’s broken, insecure, and desperate psyche. A tragic hero from the start, DiCaprio’s Gatsby strikes the right balance between vulnerability and stoicism, even if this concoction comes at the expense of the actor’s usual nuance.

4 Romeo montague

Going from one Baz Luhrmann movie to another, Romeo + Juliet he still has the director’s trademark style and divisive aesthetic. Unlike GatsbyYet it never drowns the tragedy at the center of the story and instead enhances it, producing a worthy adaptation capable of standing on its own.

DiCaprio’s Romeo is the teenage heartthrob that he’s supposed to be. It burns and enchants with the same ease with which it portrays Romeo’s anguish and despair in the third act. The role successfully featured DiCaprio as a Hollywood leading man, a reputation he would cement in future films.

3 Sun cobb

Sun cobb

In DiCaprio’s pantheon of tortured souls, no one ranks higher than Dominic Cobb. The protagonist of Christopher Nolan’s twisted and ambitious sci-fi adventure. Start, Cobb is a professional thief who steals information by entering his target’s subconscious.

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Cobb lives sorry for the mistakes of his past and DiCaprio perfectly conveys the longing and struggle of the character without exaggerating. Behind his robbery actions, Cobb is haunted by the memory of his dead wife while maintaining the desire to return to the children he left behind. It’s a meal of a role, one that allows the actor to show off his acting muscles while still playing a compelling man of action.

two Frank Abagnale Jr.

Catch Me If You Can 2002

DiCaprio’s first and only movie with Steven Spielberg, Catch Me If You Can tells the real-life story of Frank Abagnale Jr., a con artist who, at the age of 19, posed as a Pan Am pilot, Georgia doctor, and Louisiana parish prosecutor, all while perpetrating check fraud worth millions of dollars.

With a boyish charm to spare, Frank ranks as one of DiCaprio’s most likable performances. He is able to capture the hearts of the audience with just a flash of his graceful smile. And even though his actions are reprehensible, viewers still enjoy watching him commit them and even support him when he finally finds a good life for himself.

1 Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson

Even after his long and prolific career as a certified box office giveaway, DiCaprio is still connected to the role that made him a megastar, Jack Dawson in James Cameron’s smash hit. Titanic. Playing a poor man with a heart of gold, DiCaprio’s Jack captured the hearts of viewers around the world, who would become fans of his work for life.

The success of his performance is based both on his electrical chemistry with Kate Winslet and the seriousness with which he approaches the tragic love story at the heart of the film. DiCaprio doesn’t try to burn or act tough. Instead, he allows his emotions to take over, creating a sensitive hero that everyone can support.

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