The characters of Better call Saul they are lawyers, criminals, and sometimes both. In the span of the show’s 5 seasons, everyone had to make some tough decisions that put them on a completely different path in life. However, at some point, many of them found themselves in a position where they were no longer in charge of those decisions. Saul, for example, had no choice but to become the so-called “friend of the cartel.”

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On “Bad Choice Road,” Mike gave Saul a speech about the nature of making decisions in life: “We all make our decisions and those choices put us on a path. Sometimes those choices seem small, but they put you in a on the road. You think about getting off, but in the end, you do it again. ” In the world of Better call Saul, most of the characters took the path of bad choice at some point and everyone paid a price for it.

10 Mike’s decision to help Nacho get Tuco out

Nacho approached Mike and asked for his help. He wanted Mike to murder Tuco, but Mike agreed to help him get arrested. Mike was a very skilled hit man, but still, he had no idea who he was up against. With Tuco missing, he had to deal with Héctor, a man who had no problem killing innocent civilians, like the Good Samaritan he had killed in “Nailed”.

To say that going up against the cartel would be considered a poor life choice is a huge understatement. It is a stalemate; Whatever you do, there will surely be more suffering as a consequence of your (in) actions.

9 Nacho went with Jimmy to talk about the Kettlemans

Nacho And Jimmy McGill In Better Call Saul Season 1

Knowing that Jimmy is afraid of him, Nacho visited the lawyer to talk about the Kettlemans and their hidden millions. She made a big mistake thinking Jimmy would keep his mouth shut. Concerned for the life of the Kettleman family, Jimmy called them and warned them. The police arrived and arrested Nacho who was guarding his house in a suspicious-looking white truck.

By going to Jimmy and taking it upon himself to steal millions from the Kettlemans, Nacho unnecessarily exposed himself to the police, who in the world of Better call SaulIt’s one of the worst things that can happen to you.

8 Jimmy and Kim quit decent jobs

Kim had a promising career ahead of her at HHM. She started in the mailroom and was a lawyer in her early thirties. Hamlin and Chuck didn’t treat her the way she deserved, but the company’s competitors were more than happy to take her away from HHM. However, Kim did not want that life.

She left HHM to start her own practice and later left Schweikart & Cokely, even though she was highly respected at the firm. Similarly, Jimmy found a way to quit working for Davis & Main, even though he was finally financially secure, possibly for the first time in his life. Leaving a great job is always a gamble, and sometimes it turns out to be a big mistake.

7 Werner moved to the United States for a job he couldn’t finish

If there’s one thing to learn from the Werner Ziegler story, it’s that one should think twice before packing up and moving to another country in the foreseeable future. Especially if there is a family waiting at home.

Considering he was a German engineer, Werner probably had a high paying job in Germany, so he could easily have left this difficult and extremely secret job. Working with Fring was a life choice that cost him his life.

6 Nacho got greedy and underestimated Pryce’s stupidity

Pryce and two cops in Better Call Saul

One of the life lessons that can be learned from Nacho is that it is better not to be greedy in life. Nacho was making a good deal of money selling the Pryce pills, but he saw an opportunity to rip the man off even more simply because he was a non-threatening hobbyist.

Nacho’s greed got him into a lot of trouble. Pryce was stupid enough to call the police, something Nacho did not anticipate. If it weren’t for Mike’s interference, this simple act of theft would have gotten Nacho and Pryce into a lot of trouble. Pryce suffered many humiliations for calling the police after he was robbed, but in the end, it came off easy.

5 Chuck refused to fix his relationship with his own brother

Jimmy and Chuck McGill, better call Saul

Chuck was frustrated with Jimmy. His younger brother was always more likeable, popular, and charming than him. And while Chuck sabotaged Jimmy’s life by refusing to hire him at HHM, for example, it wasn’t just Jimmy who suffered. Chuck also suffered.

He was the one who had to carry all that resentment, pain, and anger without even addressing it, which is definitely a poor life choice that dramatically affects mental health.

4 Marrying for the privilege of spousal testimony

better call saul kim jimmy marriage license

Kim and Jimmy were perfect for each other. In his books, it made sense for them to marry for the privilege of spousal testimony. They didn’t stop to consider that it might be better for them to go their separate ways, as their relationship is fueled by thrill-seeking behaviors.

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When they’re not linked for scamming someone, they don’t actually have as much chemistry, as seen in the ‘Something Stupid’ sequence. Kim and Jimmy are emotionally unavailable people who have confused emotion with intimacy. Getting married was a bad idea because it wasn’t based on genuine love or trust.

3 Jimmy acted on his emotions

Jimmy was the master of intrigue. He was the master pulling the strings, as he had a good understanding of how people react under certain circumstances. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see when Chuck was doing the exact same thing to her. After Chuck recorded Jimmy’s confession to tampering with the Mesa Verde documents, he wanted Jimmy to find out what he had done, knowing full well that his enraged brother would come after him.

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Acting when you are upset is never a good idea. When people are consumed by their emotions, they cannot think clearly and therefore make poor decisions. The same goes for guilt. If Chuck hadn’t made Jimmy feel guilty, Jimmy wouldn’t have confessed in the first place.

two Howard’s unquestionable loyalty to Chuck

Loyalty is a great virtue in life. However, Howard Hamlin was loyal to the extreme. Whatever Chuck wanted, he delivered, even if it wasn’t something he would do himself. He told Jimmy that he couldn’t work for HHM on Chuck’s orders, even though Howard thought Jimmy was a good worker. She even came up with a nickname for him, Charlie Hustle. But the respect and admiration she felt for Chuck were even greater.

Letting Chuck run the show caused HHM to lose his stellar reputation, leaving Howard feeling completely lost. Fortunately, he made a comeback in season 5, but it seems like he needs to keep an eye out for Jimmy and Kim in the upcoming season.

1 Kim became addicted to risky behavior

Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul

Kim grew up in difficult circumstances that left a permanent mark on her – she’s drawn to toxic relationships and truly alive when she engages in risky behavior. As one of the smartest characters in Better call SaulShe is also self-aware enough to know how much risk she can afford to take, but that is changing rapidly.

In “Cobbler”, he was outraged when Jimmy falsified Daniel’s evidence, not because it was immoral, but because he took a chance. Fast forward to season 5, and she faked a full campaign for Huell and currently plans to take down Howard. It seems that Kim got addicted to dangerous games. The consequences will come your way. At Breaking bad/Better call Saul universe, they always do.

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